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Construction of a tetracycline inducible expression vector and characterization of its use in Vibrio cholerae

Journal Article published Nov 2014 in Plasmid volume 76 on pages 87 to 94

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01AI091845, T32 AI060525)

Authors: X. Renee Bina, Eileen A. Wong, Thomas F. Bina, James E. Bina

Characterization of the Vibrio cholerae vexAB and vexCD efflux systems

Journal Article published 28 Jun 2006 in Archives of Microbiology volume 186 issue 3 on pages 171 to 181

Authors: James E. Bina, Daniele Provenzano, Chunmei Wang, Xiaowen R. Bina, John J. Mekalanos

Construction of a bioluminescence reporter plasmid for Francisella tularensis

Journal Article published Nov 2010 in Plasmid volume 64 issue 3 on pages 156 to 161

Authors: Xiaowen R. Bina, Mark A. Miller, James E. Bina

Replicating Large Genomes: Divide and Conquer

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in Molecular Cell volume 62 issue 5 on pages 756 to 765

Authors: Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, David M. Gilbert

The Bla2 β-lactamase from the live-vaccine strain of Francisella tularensis encodes a functional protein that is only active against penicillin-class β-lactam antibiotics

Journal Article published 14 Jul 2006 in Archives of Microbiology volume 186 issue 3 on pages 219 to 228

Authors: Xiaowen R. Bina, Chunmei Wang, Mark A. Miller, James E. Bina

Vibrio cholerae leuO Transcription Is Positively Regulated by ToxR and Contributes to Bile Resistance

Journal Article published 24 Aug 2015 in Journal of Bacteriology volume 197 issue 22 on pages 3499 to 3510

Authors: Vanessa M. Ante, X. Renee Bina, Mondraya F. Howard, Sameera Sayeed, Dawn L. Taylor, James E. Bina

Editors: V. J. DiRita

Identification of Francisella tularensis Lipoproteins That Stimulate the Toll-like Receptor (TLR) 2/TLR1 Heterodimer

Journal Article published 13 Dec 2007 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 283 issue 7 on pages 3751 to 3760

Authors: Shalini Thakran, Hanfen Li, Christy L. Lavine, Mark A. Miller, James E. Bina, Xiaowen R. Bina, Fabio Re

The AcrAB RND efflux system from the live vaccine strain ofFrancisella tularensisis a multiple drug efflux system that is required for virulence in mice

Journal Article published Feb 2008 in FEMS Microbiology Letters volume 279 issue 2 on pages 226 to 233

Authors: Xiaowen R. Bina, Christy L. Lavine, Mark A. Miller, James E. Bina

The nucleotide sequence of the human transcription factor HTF4a cDNA

Journal Article published Jan 1992 in DNA Sequence volume 2 issue 6 on pages 397 to 403

Authors: Yi Zhang, Minou Bina

Disulfide bonds protect the encapsidated chromosomes of simian virus 40

Journal Article published 20 Jul 1981 in FEBS Letters volume 130 issue 1 on pages 47 to 49

Authors: Shi-Chung Ng, Minou Bina

Salt-stable association of simian virus 40 capsid with simian virus 40 DNA

Journal Article published 11 Feb 1985 in FEBS Letters volume 181 issue 1 on pages 64 to 68

Authors: Veronica Blasquez, Minou Bina

The Genome Browser at UCSC for Locating Genes, and Much More!

Journal Article published 4 Dec 2007 in Molecular Biotechnology volume 38 issue 3 on pages 269 to 275

Authors: Minou Bina

A model chromatin assembly system

Journal Article published Sep 1984 in Journal of Molecular Biology volume 178 issue 2 on pages 341 to 363

Authors: Arnold Stein, Minou Bina

Nematicidal Triterpenoids fromLantana camara

Journal Article published Sep 2015 in Chemistry & Biodiversity volume 12 issue 9 on pages 1435 to 1442

Authors: Sabira Begum, Anjum Ayub, Bina Shaheen Siddiqui, Shahina Fayyaz, Firoza Kazi

Tetracyclic triterpenoids from the leaves of Azadirachta indica

Journal Article published Aug 2004 in Phytochemistry volume 65 issue 16 on pages 2363 to 2367

Authors: Bina S. Siddiqui, Farhana Afshan, Tahsin Gulzar, Muddasar Hanif

Antiprotozoal activity of proton-pump inhibitors

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters volume 21 issue 24 on pages 7351 to 7354

Authors: Jaime Pérez-Villanueva, Antonio Romo-Mancillas, Alicia Hernández-Campos, Lilián Yépez-Mulia, Francisco Hernández-Luis, Rafael Castillo

The Vibrio cholerae RND efflux systems impact virulence factor production and adaptive responses via periplasmic sensor proteins

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2018 in PLOS Pathogens volume 14 issue 1 on page e1006804

Research funded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (US) (AI091845) | National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (AI125799, AI049820, AI049820)

Authors: X. Renee Bina, Mondraya F. Howard, Dawn L. Taylor-Mulneix, Vanessa M. Ante, Dillon E. Kunkle, James E. Bina

Editors: Denise M. Monack

Fractionation of simian virus 40 DNA fragments by RPC-5 column chromatography

Journal Article published Jun 1981 in Analytical Biochemistry volume 114 issue 1 on pages 105 to 111

Authors: Minou Bina, Michael F. Radonovich, Bruce A. Roe

FGF21 is an Akt-regulated myokine

Journal Article published 21 Oct 2008 in FEBS Letters volume 582 issue 27 on pages 3805 to 3810

Authors: Yasuhiro Izumiya, Holly A. Bina, Noriyuki Ouchi, Yuichi Akasaki, Alexei Kharitonenkov, Kenneth Walsh

Characterization of the DGAT1 gene in the Indian buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Journal Article published 2007 in Genetics and Molecular Biology volume 30 issue 4 on pages 1097 to 1100

Authors: Bina Mishra, Madhu S. Tantia, S.T. Bharani Kumar, Ramesh K. Vijh