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Cyclic Purine Mononucleotides: Induction of Gibberellin Biosynthesis in Barley Endosperm

Journal Article published Dec 1972 in Physiologia Plantarum volume 27 issue 3 on pages 424 to 431


Evidence for TREK-like tandem-pore domain channels in intrapulmonary chemoreceptor chemotransduction

Journal Article published May 2007 in Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology volume 156 issue 2 on pages 120 to 131

Authors: Robert Wagner Bina, Steven C. Hempleman

Fine mapping of epistatic genetic determinants of blood pressure on rat chromosome 5

Journal Article published Jul 2018 in Journal of Hypertension volume 36 issue 7 on pages 1486 to 1491

Authors: Harshal Waghulde, Resmi Pillai, Xi Cheng, Ying Nie, Blair Mell, Bina Joe

A16175 Barriers to Blood Pressure Control and Treatment Adherence in Hypertensive Management

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in Journal of Hypertension volume 36 on page e331

Authors: Deddy Primadona Mulia, Ratih Nurdiany Sumirat, Gusti Ayu Marantika, Erdawati Erdawati, Zulkhair Ali, Ian Effendi, Novadian Suhaimi, Adhi Permana, Irwan Stiawan, Ade Yonata

Substitution mapping of a blood pressure quantitative trait locus to a 2.73 Mb region on rat chromosome 1

Journal Article published Nov 2003 in Journal of Hypertension volume 21 issue 11 on pages 2077 to 2084

Authors: Bina Joe, Michael R Garrett, Howard Dene, John P Rapp

HCN2 Overexpression in Newborn and Adult Ventricular Myocytes

Journal Article published 6 Jul 2001 in Circulation Research volume 89 issue 1

Authors: Jihong Qu, Andrea Barbuti, Lev Protas, Bina Santoro, Ira S. Cohen, Richard B. Robinson

Increased stringency of the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3-induced G1 to S phase block in polyploid HL60 cells

Journal Article published Jul 1996 in Journal of Cellular Physiology volume 168 issue 1 on pages 18 to 25

Authors: Fan Zhang, Bina Rathod, Jennifer B. Jones, Qing Mei Wang, Eric Bernhard, Janusz J. Godyn, George P. Studzinski

Parathyroid hormone induces expression and proteolytic processing of Rankl in primary murine osteoblasts

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Bone volume 92 on pages 85 to 93

Research funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (AM103/24-1, SFB977) | National Institutes of Health (HL112641)

Authors: Timo Heckt, Johannes Keller, Stephanie Peters, Thomas Streichert, Athena Chalaris, Stefan Rose-John, Blair Mell, Bina Joe, Michael Amling, Thorsten Schinke

FGF-21/FGF-21 receptor interaction and activation is determined by βKlotho

Journal Article published Apr 2008 in Journal of Cellular Physiology volume 215 issue 1 on pages 1 to 7

Authors: Alexei Kharitonenkov, James D. Dunbar, Holly A. Bina, Stuart Bright, Julie S. Moyers, Chen Zhang, Liyun Ding, Radmila Micanovic, Sean F. Mehrbod, Michael D. Knierman, John E. Hale, Tamer Coskun, Armen B. Shanafelt

Different roles of N- and C- termini in the functional activity of FGF21

Journal Article published May 2009 in Journal of Cellular Physiology volume 219 issue 2 on pages 227 to 234

Authors: Radmila Micanovic, David W. Raches, James D. Dunbar, David A. Driver, Holly A. Bina, Craig D. Dickinson, Alexei Kharitonenkov