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Construction of a tetracycline inducible expression vector and characterization of its use in Vibrio cholerae

Journal Article published Nov 2014 in Plasmid volume 76 on pages 87 to 94

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01AI091845, T32 AI060525)

Authors: X. Renee Bina, Eileen A. Wong, Thomas F. Bina, James E. Bina

Innate immune response to Francisella tularensis is mediated by TLR2 and caspase-1 activation

Journal Article published 8 Aug 2006 in Journal of Leukocyte Biology volume 80 issue 4 on pages 766 to 773

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (AI-05466501)

Authors: Hanfen Li, Suba Nookala, Xiaowen R. Bina, James E. Bina, Fabio Re

A Life Course Approach to Understanding Racial/Ethnic Differences in Transitions Into and Out of Alcohol Problems

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2018 in Alcohol and Alcoholism volume 53 issue 4 on pages 487 to 496

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01AA022668)

Authors: Camillia K Lui, Nina Mulia

Allele-specific control of replication timing and genome organization during development

Journal Article published 7 May 2018 in Genome Research volume 28 issue 6 on pages 800 to 811

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM083337, DK107965)

Authors: Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, Andrew Dimond, Daniel Vera, Claudia Trevilla-Garcia, Takayo Sasaki, Jared Zimmerman, Catherine Dupont, Joost Gribnau, Peter Fraser, David M. Gilbert

Computing interaction probabilities in signaling networks

Journal Article published 11 Nov 2015 in EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology volume 2015 issue 1

Research funded by NSF (CCF-1251599) | National Institutes of Health (GM083337)

Authors: Haitham Gabr, Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, David M. Gilbert, Tamer Kahveci

Computing interaction probabilities in signaling networks

Conference Paper published 2015 in Proceedings of the 6th ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Health Informatics - BCB '15

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM083337) | National Science Foundation (CCF-1251599)

Authors: Haitham Gabr, Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, David M. Gilbert, Tamer Kahveci

Changing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Heavy Drinking Trajectories Through Young Adulthood: A Comparative Cohort Study

Journal Article published 28 Nov 2017 in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research volume 42 issue 1 on pages 135 to 143

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01AA022668, P50AA005595)

Authors: Edwina Williams, Nina Mulia, Katherine J. Karriker-Jaffe, Camillia K. Lui

spe-43 is required for sperm activation in C. elegans

Journal Article published Apr 2018 in Developmental Biology volume 436 issue 2 on pages 75 to 83

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01HD054681, R01GM087705, 1K12GM093854) | NIH Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (P40 OD010440)

Authors: Amber R. Krauchunas, Ernesto Mendez, Julie Zhouli Ni, Marina Druzhinina, Amanda Mulia, Jean Parry, Sam Guoping Gu, Gillian M. Stanfield, Andrew Singson

Replication timing and transcriptional control: beyond cause and effect — part III

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in Current Opinion in Cell Biology volume 40 on pages 168 to 178

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM083337 and GM085354)

Authors: Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, David M Gilbert

Parathyroid hormone induces expression and proteolytic processing of Rankl in primary murine osteoblasts

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Bone volume 92 on pages 85 to 93

Research funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (AM103/24-1, SFB977) | National Institutes of Health (HL112641)

Authors: Timo Heckt, Johannes Keller, Stephanie Peters, Thomas Streichert, Athena Chalaris, Stefan Rose-John, Blair Mell, Bina Joe, Michael Amling, Thorsten Schinke

Mechanical transduction of cytoplasmic-to-transmembrane-domain movements in a hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide–gated cation channel

Journal Article published 23 Jun 2018 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 293 issue 33 on pages 12908 to 12918

Research funded by FP7 Ideas: European Research Council (ERC 2015AdG) | National Institutes of Health (R01 NS036658)

Authors: Christine Gross, Andrea Saponaro, Bina Santoro, Anna Moroni, Gerhard Thiel, Kay Hamacher

Pleiotropic Effect of a High Resolution Mapped Blood Pressure QTL on Tumorigenesis

Journal Article published 13 Apr 2016 in PLOS ONE volume 11 issue 4 on page e0153519

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (HL020176, HL112641)

Authors: Xi Cheng, Harshal Waghulde, Blair Mell, Kathryn Smedlund, Guillermo Vazquez, Bina Joe

Editors: Michael Bader

DNA replication timing alterations identify common markers between distinct progeroid diseases

Journal Article published 1 Dec 2017 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences volume 114 issue 51 on pages E10972 to E10980

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM083337, GM085354)

Authors: Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, Romain Desprat, Claudia Trevilla-Garcia, Daniela Cornacchia, Hélène Schwerer, Takayo Sasaki, Jiao Sima, Tyler Fells, Lorenz Studer, Jean-Marc Lemaitre, David M. Gilbert

Dynamic changes in replication timing and gene expression during lineage specification of human pluripotent stem cells

Journal Article published 8 Jun 2015 in Genome Research volume 25 issue 8 on pages 1091 to 1103

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM083337, GM085354)

Authors: Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, Quinton Buckley, Takayo Sasaki, Jared Zimmerman, Ruth A. Didier, Kristopher Nazor, Jeanne F. Loring, Zheng Lian, Sherman Weissman, Allan J. Robins, Thomas C. Schulz, Laura Menendez, Michael J. Kulik, Stephen Dalton, Haitham Gabr, Tamer Kahveci, David M. Gilbert

Salt-Responsive Metabolite, β-Hydroxybutyrate, Attenuates Hypertension

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in Cell Reports volume 25 issue 3 on pages 677 to 689.e4

Research funded by University of Toledo College of Medicine | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (K08HL130944) | National Institutes of Health (RO1 CA219144) | Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

Authors: Saroj Chakraborty, Sarah Galla, Xi Cheng, Ji-Youn Yeo, Blair Mell, Vishal Singh, BengSan Yeoh, Piu Saha, Anna V. Mathew, Matam Vijay-Kumar, Bina Joe

A synthetic peptide that prevents cAMP regulation in mammalian hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated (HCN) channels

Journal Article published 20 Jun 2018 in eLife volume 7

Research funded by Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neurobiology research) | H2020 European Research Council (2015 Advanced Grant 495 n. 695078 noMAGIC) | Fondazione Cariplo (2014-0796) | Instruct-ERIC | National Institutes of Health (R01 NS036658) | Columbia University (2016 Schaefer Research Scholars Program)

Authors: Andrea Saponaro, Francesca Cantini, Alessandro Porro, Annalisa Bucchi, Dario DiFrancesco, Vincenzo Maione, Chiara Donadoni, Bianca Introini, Pietro Mesirca, Matteo E Mangoni, Gerhard Thiel, Lucia Banci, Bina Santoro, Anna Moroni

A Next Generation Connectivity Map: L1000 Platform and the First 1,000,000 Profiles

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Cell volume 171 issue 6 on pages 1437 to 1452.e17

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (U54HG006093, U54HL127366, U01HG008699, CA009172, TR001100) | Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Young

Authors: Aravind Subramanian, Rajiv Narayan, Steven M. Corsello, David D. Peck, Ted E. Natoli, Xiaodong Lu, Joshua Gould, John F. Davis, Andrew A. Tubelli, Jacob K. Asiedu, David L. Lahr, Jodi E. Hirschman, Zihan Liu, Melanie Donahue, Bina Julian, Mariya Khan, David Wadden, Ian C. Smith, Daniel Lam, Arthur Liberzon, Courtney Toder, Mukta Bagul, Marek Orzechowski, Oana M. Enache, Federica Piccioni, Sarah A. Johnson, Nicholas J. Lyons, Alice H. Berger, Alykhan F. Shamji, Angela N. Brooks, Anita Vrcic, Corey Flynn, Jacqueline Rosains, David Y. Takeda, Roger Hu, Desiree Davison, Justin Lamb, Kristin Ardlie, Larson Hogstrom, Peyton Greenside, Nathanael S. Gray, Paul A. Clemons, Serena Silver, Xiaoyun Wu, Wen-Ning Zhao, Willis Read-Button, Xiaohua Wu, Stephen J. Haggarty, Lucienne V. Ronco, Jesse S. Boehm, Stuart L. Schreiber, John G. Doench, Joshua A. Bittker, David E. Root, Bang Wong, Todd R. Golub