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Compression and Data Mining

Journal Article published 2015 in Journal of Communications

Authors: Dan A. Simovici, Univ. of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, USA, Ping Chen, Tong Wang, Dan Pletea

Electric field computation inside a rectangular petrol tank

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in Journal of Electrostatics volume 71 issue 3 on pages 332 to 335

Authors: Dan D. Micu, Dan Micu

Classifying land cover based on calibrated full-waveform airborne light detection and ranging data

Journal Article published 2013 in Chinese Optics Letters volume 11 issue 8 on pages 082801 to 82806

Authors: Guangcai Xu Guangcai Xu, Yong Pang Yong Pang, Zengyuan Li Zengyuan Li, Dan Zhao Dan Zhao, Dan Li Dan Li

Investigation of Bessel beam propagation in scattering media with scalar diffraction method

Journal Article published 2013 in Chinese Optics Letters volume 11 issue 11 on pages 112601 to 112605

Authors: Juanjuan Zheng Juanjuan Zheng, Baoli Yao Baoli Yao, Yanlong Yang Yanlong Yang, Ming Lei Ming Lei, Peng Gao Peng Gao, Runze Li Runze Li, Shaohui Yan Shaohui Yan, Dan Dan Dan Dan, Tong Ye Tong Ye

Molecular motors-based micro- and nano-biocomputation devices

Journal Article published Apr 2006 in Microelectronic Engineering volume 83 issue 4-9 on pages 1582 to 1588

Authors: Dan V. Nicolau, Dan V. Nicolau, Gerardin Solana, Kristi L. Hanson, Luisa Filipponi, Lisen Wang, Abraham P. Lee

Biomedical Applications of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

Journal Article published 1 Nov 2002 in Optics and Photonics News volume 13 issue 11 on page 26

Authors: Dan Elson, Stephen Webb, Jan Siegel, Klaus Suhling, Dan Davis, John Lever, David Phillips, Andrew Wallace, Paul French

Electron Transport Through Abrupt Type I Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

Journal Article published Jun 2010 in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices volume 57 issue 6 on pages 1466 to 1469

Authors: Dan Ramon, Ron Liraz Lidji, Doron Cohen Elias, Arkady Gavrilov, Shimon Cohen, Dan Ritter

Characterizations of High-Temperature Superconducting Step-Edge Josephson Junction Mixer

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity volume 24 issue 5 on pages 1 to 4

Authors: Dan Dan Bai, Jia Du, Yu Sheng He

Design and application of the ice force sensor based on fiber Bragg grating

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in Measurement volume 44 issue 10 on pages 2090 to 2095

Authors: Zi-guang Jia, Liang Ren, Dong-sheng Li, Dan-dan Zhang, Hong-nan Li

Modelling and applications of annual energy-using simulation module of separated heat pipe heat exchanger

Journal Article published Feb 2013 in Energy and Buildings volume 57 on pages 26 to 33

Authors: Dan-dan Zhu, Da Yan, Zhen Li