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Polarization-maintained coupled optoelectronic oscillator incorporating an unpumped erbium-doped fiber

Journal Article published 2018 in Chinese Optics Letters volume 16 issue 1 on page 010604

Authors: Tianhua Du Tianhua Du, Dan Zhu Dan Zhu, Shilong Pan Shilong Pan

Almost output regulation bumpless transfer control for switched linear systems

Journal Article published 8 May 2018 in IET Control Theory & Applications

Authors: Ying Zhao, Dan Ma, Jun Zhao

Multi-objective self-synchronised virtual synchronous generator in unbalanced power grid

Journal Article published 14 Jun 2018 in Electronics Letters volume 54 issue 12 on pages 779 to 781

Authors: Xiaohe Wang, Dan Sun

Cascaded Fabry-Perot cavity photodetector for flat-top steep-edge spectral response

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Optik volume 141 on pages 1 to 9

Authors: Genling Huang, Dan Xie

The EMC Society and the National Electronics Museum

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine volume 7 issue 2 on pages 35 to 35

Authors: Dan Hoolihan

Performance evaluation of optical beamforming-based wideband antenna array (Invited Paper)

Journal Article published 2017 in Chinese Optics Letters volume 15 issue 1 on pages 010013 to 10017

Authors: Xingwei Ye Xingwei Ye, Bowen Zhang Bowen Zhang, Yamei Zhang Yamei Zhang, Dan Zhu Dan Zhu, and Shilong Pan and Shilong Pan

Observation of intracavity electromagnetically induced transparency in Cs vapor coupled with a standing-wave cavity

Journal Article published 2017 in Chinese Optics Letters volume 15 issue 8 on page 081401

Authors: Haitao Zhou Haitao Zhou, Shaona Che Shaona Che, Pengcheng Zuo Pengcheng Zuo, Yuhong Han Yuhong Han, Dan Wang Dan Wang

Efficient inverted polymer solar cells integrated with a compound electron extraction layer

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Optics Communications volume 356 on pages 541 to 545

Research funded by 973 Program (2014CB932600, 2011CB808404) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (91433116, 61205033, 11474214) | Jiangsu Science and Technology Department (BK20140053) | Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (ZXG201422) | PAPD | China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2014M550305)

Authors: Zhong-Sheng Ma, Qian-Kun Wang, Chi Li, Yan-Qing Li, Dan-Dan Zhang, Weimin Liu, Pengfei Wang, Jian-Xin Tang

Reliability Evaluation and Robust Design of a Sensor in an Entire Roller-Embedded Shapemeter

Journal Article published 21 Jun 2018 in Sensors volume 18 issue 7 on page 1988

Authors: Haimiao Wu, Guohua Cui, Dan Zhang, Hongmin Liu

Nanoscale Spatial Correlation of Piezoelectric Displacement Hysteresis Loops of PZT Films in the Fresh and Fatigued States

Journal Article published Jan 2002 in Integrated Ferroelectrics volume 50 issue 1 on pages 149 to 158

Authors: Dan Ricinschi, Masanori Okuyama

Using gallium-nitride cascode switching devices for common mode electromagnetic interference reduction in power converters/inverters

Journal Article published 29 Jun 2016 in IET Power Electronics volume 9 issue 8 on pages 1727 to 1731

Authors: Jhe-Yu Lin, Dan Chen, Chung-Wen Hung, Zan Huang

Performance indexes’ evaluation of a NSynRM with sinusoidal rotor shape

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2018 in IET Electric Power Applications volume 12 issue 6 on pages 852 to 858

Authors: Mbika Muteba, Bhekisipho Twala, Dan Valentin Nicolae

Hybrid invasive weed/biogeography-based optimization

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence volume 64 on pages 213 to 231

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1344954)

Authors: Gholamreza Khademi, Hanieh Mohammadi, Dan Simon

An Unsymmetric FDTD Subgridding Algorithm with Unconditional Stability

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Jin Yan, Dan Jiao

Artificial Noise-Aided User Scheduling from the Perspective of Secrecy Outage Probability

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Inkyu Bang, Su Min Kim, Dan Keun Sung

Compact vector bend sensor using dual-off-axis innermost cladding-type FBGs

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Sensors Journal on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Fengyi Chen, Dan Su, Xueguang Qiao, Qiangzhou Rong

Fractional Sparse Code Multiple Access and Its Optimization

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Yicheng Wang, Ming Zhao, Dan Deng, Shengli Zhou, Wuyang Zhou

Inverse energy model development via high-dimensional data analysis and sub-metering priority in building data monitoring

Journal Article published Aug 2018 in Energy and Buildings volume 172 on pages 116 to 124

Authors: Zhao Chen, James Freihaut, Bo Lin, Christina Dan Wang

Error-free holographic frames encryption with CA pixel-permutation encoding algorithm

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Optics and Lasers in Engineering volume 100 on pages 200 to 207

Authors: Xiaowei Li, Dan Xiao, Qiong-Hua Wang

Delay Margin of Low-Order Systems Achievable by PID Controllers

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Dan Ma, Jie Chen