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Indonesia, Indonesia: The Crisis of the Millstones, The Decline of Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia and Indonesian Communism: A History

Journal Article published Apr 1964 in International Affairs volume 40 issue 2 on pages 352 to 353

Authors: J. A. Malcolm Caldwell

'Openness', Political Discontent and Succession in Indonesia: Political Developments in Indonesia, 1989-91.

Journal Article published 1993 in Pacific Affairs volume 66 issue 1 on page 139

Authors: Colin Brown, Max Lane

The Chinese in Indonesia and Chinese Policy toward Indonesia, 1949–1967

Journal Article published Jan 1977 in International Affairs volume 53 issue 1 on pages 157 to 158

Authors: J. Sudarsono

The ‘Greater Indonesia’ Idea of Nationalism in Malaya and Indonesia

Journal Article published Jan 1973 in Modern Asian Studies volume 7 issue 01 on page 75

Authors: Angus Mcintyre

Indonesia: Legitimacy, Secular Democracy, and Islam

Journal Article published 8 Jun 2010 in Politics & Policy volume 38 issue 3 on pages 471 to 496


Driving growth: Regulatory reform and expressways in Indonesia

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2010 in Regulation & Governance volume 4 issue 4 on pages 465 to 484

Authors: Jamie S. Davidson

Indonesia and Peranakan Chinese Politics in Indonesia

Journal Article published Apr 1965 in International Affairs volume 41 issue 2 on pages 363 to 364

Authors: Michael Leifer

The Army and Politics in Indonesia and Political Power and Communication in Indonesia

Journal Article published Apr 1979 in International Affairs volume 55 issue 2 on pages 331 to 333

Authors: Michael Leifer

Book Review: Said, S. (2006). Legitimizing Military Rule: Indonesian Armed Forces Ideology, 1958-2000. Foreword by Juwono Sudarsono. Jakarta, Indonesia: Pustaka Sinar Harapan in cooperation with the Southeast Asian Centre, Hong Kong, and Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia. Said, S. (2006). Soeharto's Armed Forces: Problems of Civil Military Relations in Indonesia. Foreword by Harold Crouch. Jakarta, Indonesia: Pustaka Sinar Harapan

Journal Article published Jan 2009 in Armed Forces & Society volume 35 issue 2 on pages 405 to 408

Authors: Eduardo Lachica

Indonesia. Mematahkan pewarisan ingatan: Wacana anti-komunis dan politik rekonsiliasi pasca-Suharto [ Breaking the immortalized past: Anti-communist discourse and politics of reconciliation in post-Suharto Indonesia ]. By BUDIAWAN. Jakarta: ELSAM, 2004. Pp. xxxvii, 291. Bibliography, Index. [In Bahasa Indonesia]

Journal Article published 15 May 2006 in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies volume 37 issue 02 on page 359