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Reconstructing the History and the Effects of Mechanization in a Small-Scale Fishery of Flores, Eastern Indonesia (1917–2014)

Journal Article published 24 Mar 2017 in Frontiers in Marine Science volume 4

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1022914)

Authors: Victoria C. Ramenzoni

Tropical West Pacific moisture dynamics and climate controls on rainfall isotopic ratios in southern Papua, Indonesia

Journal Article published 14 Mar 2016 in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres volume 121 issue 5 on pages 2222 to 2245

Research funded by National Science Foundation (ATM-0823586)

Authors: Donaldi S. Permana, Lonnie G. Thompson, Gesang Setyadi

New fossil hominid calvaria from Indonesia-Sambungmacan 3

Journal Article published 27 Feb 2001 in The Anatomical Record volume 262 issue 4 on pages 344 to 368

Research funded by National Science Foundation (SBR9634519) | National Institutes of Health (F31-DC00255-01)

Authors: Samuel Márquez, Kenneth Mowbray, G J Sawyer, Teuku Jacob, Adam Silvers

Characterizing clay mineralogy in Lake Towuti, Indonesia, with reflectance spectroscopy

Journal Article published 26 May 2015 in Journal of Paleolimnology volume 54 issue 2-3 on pages 253 to 261

Research funded by National Science Foundation (EAR-1144623)

Authors: Andrea K. Weber, James M. Russell, Timothy A. Goudge, Mark R. Salvatore, John F. Mustard, Satria Bijaksana

Selective pressure leaching of Fe (II)-rich limonitic laterite ores from Indonesia using nitric acid

Journal Article published May 2013 in Minerals Engineering volume 45 on pages 151 to 158

Research funded by National Technology Support Project of China (2011BAC06B07) | National Science Foundation (51274044) | Henan Yongtong Nickel Industry Company Limited and the High Technology Research and Development Program (2012AA06A110)

Authors: Baozhong Ma, Chengyan Wang, Weijiao Yang, Bo Yang, Yonglu Zhang

Compound-specific carbon isotope records of vegetation and hydrologic change in central Sulawesi, Indonesia, since 53,000 yr BP

Journal Article published Jul 2015 in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology volume 430 on pages 47 to 56

Research funded by National Science Foundation (NSF-EAR-1144623)

Authors: Satrio A. Wicaksono, James M. Russell, Satria Bijaksana

Change in disturbance regime facilitates invasion by Bellucia pentamera Naudin (Melastomataceae) at Gunung Palung National Park, Indonesia

Journal Article published 30 Jan 2017 in Biological Invasions volume 19 issue 4 on pages 1329 to 1337

Research funded by British Ecological Society (4374/5346) | Davis Botanical Society | National Science Foundation (2011129592)

Authors: Christopher Dillis, Andrew J. Marshall, Marcel Rejmánek

Glacial aridity in central Indonesia coeval with intensified monsoon circulation

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Earth and Planetary Science Letters volume 437 on pages 15 to 24

Research funded by National Science Foundation (NSF-EAR-0902845)

Authors: Bronwen Konecky, James Russell, Satria Bijaksana

Hydrological and vegetation shifts in the Wallacean region of central Indonesia since the Last Glacial Maximum

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Quaternary Science Reviews volume 157 on pages 152 to 163

Research funded by National Science Foundation (NSF-EAR-1144623) | Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF, SO-217, MAJA, 03G0217A) | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, KU 649/32-1)

Authors: Satrio A. Wicaksono, James M. Russell, Ann Holbourn, Wolfgang Kuhnt

A new species of shrew (Soricomorpha:Crocidura) from Java, Indonesia: possible character displacement despite interspecific gene flow

Journal Article published 9 Dec 2016 in Journal of Mammalogy on page gyw183

Research funded by National Science Foundation (DEB-1343517, OISE-0965856)

Authors: Terrence C. Demos, Anang S. Achmadi, Heru Handika, Maharadatunkamsi, Kevin C. Rowe, Jacob A. Esselstyn

Crowd sourcing disaster management: The complex nature of Twitter usage in Padang Indonesia

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Safety Science volume 90 on pages 48 to 61

Research funded by National Science Foundation (00361150115291) | Office of Naval Research (N00014140737)

Authors: Kathleen M. Carley, Momin Malik, Peter M. Landwehr, Jürgen Pfeffer, Michael Kowalchuck

Assessment of emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in Indonesia and impacts of national policy for elimination of kerosene use in cooking

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Atmospheric Environment volume 154 on pages 82 to 94

Research funded by National Science Foundation (AID-OAA-A-11-00012)

Authors: Didin Agustian Permadi, Asep Sofyan, Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh

Shifting cultivation, contentious land change and forest governance: the politics of swidden in East Kalimantan

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2017 in The Journal of Peasant Studies volume 44 issue 5 on pages 1066 to 1087

Research funded by AIFIS Research Grant | USINDO Travel Grant | National Science Foundation (DGE-1144153) | American Institute for Indonesian Studies | United States-Indonesia Society

Authors: Gregory M. Thaler, Cut Augusta Mindry Anandi

Comparing the impacts of Miocene–Pliocene changes in inter-ocean gateways on climate: Central American Seaway, Bering Strait, and Indonesia

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in Earth and Planetary Science Letters volume 444 on pages 116 to 130

Research funded by National Science Foundation (AGS-1405272) | David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Authors: Chris M. Brierley, Alexey V. Fedorov

Fitful and protracted magma assembly leading to a giant eruption, Youngest Toba Tuff, Indonesia

Journal Article published Jan 2017 in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems volume 18 issue 1 on pages 156 to 177

Research funded by National Science Foundation (EAR-9706519, EAR-0003601, EAR-1322077)

Authors: Mary R. Reid, Jorge A. Vazquez

RNA Interference Knockdown of BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE1 in Maize Reveals Novel Functions for Brassinosteroid Signaling in Controlling Plant Architecture

Journal Article published 10 Jul 2015 in Plant Physiology volume 169 issue 1 on pages 826 to 839

Research funded by Iowa State University Plant Sciences Institute | National Science Foundation | Turkish Ministry of National Education | Fulbright Indonesia

Authors: Gokhan Kir, Huaxun Ye, Hilde Nelissen, Anjanasree K. Neelakandan, Andree S. Kusnandar, Anding Luo, Dirk Inzé, Anne W. Sylvester, Yanhai Yin, Philip W. Becraft

Clustering under Perturbation Resilience

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in SIAM Journal on Computing volume 45 issue 1 on pages 102 to 155

Research funded by Air Force Office of Scientific Research (FA9550-09-1-0538) | Office of Naval Research (N00014-09-1-0751) | Microsoft (Google Research Award) | National Science Foundation (Microsoft Faculty Fellowship, CCF-0953192) | United States-Indonesia Society (CCF-1101283)

Authors: Maria Florina Balcan, Yingyu Liang

Depositional modes and lake-level variability at Lake Towuti, Indonesia, during the past ~29 kyr BP

Journal Article published 22 Sep 2015 in Journal of Paleolimnology volume 54 issue 4 on pages 359 to 377

Research funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (VO 1591/2-1) | Deutsches Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (IDN 10/006) | Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (200021_153053/1) | National Science Foundation

Authors: Hendrik Vogel, James M. Russell, Sri Yudawati Cahyarini, Satria Bijaksana, Nigel Wattrus, Janet Rethemeyer, Martin Melles

What makes a group worth dying for? Identity fusion fosters perception of familial ties, promoting self-sacrifice.

Journal Article published 2014 in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology volume 106 issue 6 on pages 912 to 926

Research funded by National Science Foundation (BCS-1124382) | Universitas Indonesia (3469/H2.R12/PPM.00.01) | Australian Research Council (DP1094034) | Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitively (PSI2012-30921) | Narodowe Centrum Nauki (2011/01/D/HS6/02282) | Economic and Social Research Council (REF RES-060-25-0085) | John Templeton Foundation (ID 37624) | Interdisciplinary Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Studies (CONICYT/FONDAP/15110006 and CONICYT/FONDECYT/1121009)

Authors: William B. Swann, Michael D. Buhrmester, Angel Gómez, Jolanda Jetten, Brock Bastian, Alexandra Vázquez, Amarina Ariyanto, Tomasz Besta, Oliver Christ, Lijuan Cui, Gillian Finchilescu, Roberto González, Nobuhiko Goto, Matthew Hornsey, Sushama Sharma, Harry Susianto, Airong Zhang

J/ψ suppression at forward rapidity in Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeV

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in Physics Letters B volume 766 on pages 212 to 224

Research funded by GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH, Germany | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación | Japan Society for the Promotion of Science | Carlsbergfondet | Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare | State Committee of Science | Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation | European Organization for Nuclear Research, Switzerland | SUT | Ministarstvo Znanosti, Obrazovanja i Sporta | World Federation of Scientists (WFS), Armenia | Fondo de Cooperación Internacional en Ciencia y Tecnología | National Research Foundation of Korea | Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology | Science and Technology Facilities Council | Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos | Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique | Joint Institute for Nuclear Research | Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo | Office of the Higher Education Commission under NRU project of Thailand, Thailand | Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse | National Science and Technology Development Agency | Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), Spain | Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules (IN2P3) | Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, Greece | Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives | Ministerul Educației și Cercetării Științifice | Institute for Innovative Science and Technology | Ministerstvo Školství, Mládeže a Tělovýchovy | Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico | Ministerstvo školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu Slovenskej republiky | Romanian National Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Romania | Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science (IIST) | Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China | Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS), Pakistan | Narodowe Centrum Nauki | Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Peru | Nationaal instituut voor subatomaire fysica (Nikhef), Netherlands | Council for Scientific and Industrial Research | Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología | Danmarks Grundforskningsfond | Norges Forskningsråd | Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK), Turkey | Hrvatska Zaklada za Znanost | Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP), Finland | Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie (BMBF) | Vetenskapsrådet | Centro Fermi – Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi | Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul | National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine | KAKENHI | Cubaenergía, Cuba | National Natural Science Foundation of China | Austrian Academy of Sciences | Suranaree University of Technology | Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China | Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information | Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India | Danish Council for Independent Research – Natural Sciences | Indonesian Institute of Science, Indonesia | Dirección General de Asuntos del Personal Academico | National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute, Russia | Institute of Atomic Physics | Nationalstiftung für Forschung, Technologie und Entwicklung, Austria | Council of Scientific and Industrial Research | Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego | National Science Foundation | A. I. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory | United States Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Physics (DOE NP) | Centro de Aplicaciones Tecnológicas y Desarrollo Nuclear (CEADEN) | National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary | National Research Foundation

Authors: J. Adam, D. Adamová, M.M. Aggarwal, G. Aglieri Rinella, M. Agnello, N. Agrawal, Z. Ahammed, S. Ahmad, S.U. Ahn, S. Aiola, A. Akindinov, S.N. Alam, D.S.D. Albuquerque, D. Aleksandrov, B. Alessandro, D. Alexandre, R. Alfaro Molina, A. Alici, A. Alkin, J. Alme, T. Alt, S. Altinpinar, I. Altsybeev, C. Alves Garcia Prado, M. An, C. Andrei, H.A. Andrews, A. Andronic, V. Anguelov, C. Anson, T. Antičić, F. Antinori, P. Antonioli, L. Aphecetche, H. Appelshäuser, S. Arcelli, R. Arnaldi, O.W. Arnold, I.C. Arsene, M. Arslandok, B. Audurier, A. Augustinus, R. Averbeck, M.D. Azmi, A. Badalà, Y.W. Baek, S. Bagnasco, R. Bailhache, R. Bala, S. Balasubramanian, A. Baldisseri, R.C. Baral, A.M. Barbano, R. Barbera, F. Barile, G.G. Barnaföldi, L.S. Barnby, V. Barret, P. Bartalini, K. Barth, J. Bartke, E. Bartsch, M. Basile, N. Bastid, S. Basu, B. Bathen, G. Batigne, A. Batista Camejo, B. Batyunya, P.C. Batzing, I.G. Bearden, H. Beck, C. Bedda, N.K. Behera, I. Belikov, F. Bellini, H. Bello Martinez, R. Bellwied, R. Belmont, E. Belmont-Moreno, L.G.E. Beltran, V. Belyaev, G. Bencedi, S. Beole, I. Berceanu, A. Bercuci, Y. Berdnikov, D. Berenyi, R.A. Bertens, D. Berzano, L. Betev, A. Bhasin, I.R. Bhat, A.K. Bhati, B. Bhattacharjee, J. Bhom, L. Bianchi, N. Bianchi, C. Bianchin, J. Bielčík, J. Bielčíková, A. Bilandzic, G. Biro, R. Biswas, S. Biswas, S. Bjelogrlic, J.T. Blair, D. Blau, C. Blume, F. Bock, A. Bogdanov, H. Bøggild, L. Boldizsár, M. Bombara, M. Bonora, J. Book, H. Borel, A. Borissov, M. Borri, F. Bossú, E. Botta, C. Bourjau, P. Braun-Munzinger, M. Bregant, T. Breitner, T.A. Broker, T.A. Browning, M. Broz, E.J. Brucken, E. Bruna, G.E. Bruno, D. Budnikov, H. Buesching, S. Bufalino, S.A.I. Buitron, P. Buncic, O. Busch, Z. Buthelezi, J.B. Butt, J.T. Buxton, J. Cabala, D. Caffarri, X. Cai, H. Caines, L. Calero Diaz, A. Caliva, E. Calvo Villar, P. Camerini, F. Carena, W. Carena, F. Carnesecchi, J. Castillo Castellanos, A.J. Castro, E.A.R. Casula, C. Ceballos Sanchez, J. Cepila, P. Cerello, J. Cerkala, B. Chang, S. Chapeland, M. Chartier, J.L. Charvet, S. Chattopadhyay, S. Chattopadhyay, A. Chauvin, V. Chelnokov, M. Cherney, C. Cheshkov, B. Cheynis, V. Chibante Barroso, D.D. Chinellato, S. Cho, P. Chochula, K. Choi, M. Chojnacki, S. Choudhury, P. Christakoglou, C.H. Christensen, P. Christiansen, T. Chujo, S.U. Chung, C. Cicalo, L. Cifarelli, F. Cindolo, J. Cleymans, F. Colamaria, D. Colella, A. Collu, M. Colocci, G. Conesa Balbastre, Z. Conesa del Valle, M.E. Connors, J.G. Contreras, T.M. Cormier, Y. Corrales Morales, I. Cortés Maldonado, P. Cortese, M.R. Cosentino, F. Costa, J. Crkovská, P. Crochet, R. Cruz Albino, E. Cuautle, L. Cunqueiro, T. Dahms, A. Dainese, M.C. Danisch, A. Danu, D. Das, I. Das, S. Das, A. Dash, S. Dash, S. De, A. De Caro, G. de Cataldo, C. de Conti, J. de Cuveland, A. De Falco, D. De Gruttola, N. De Marco, S. De Pasquale, R.D. De Souza, A. Deisting, A. Deloff, C. Deplano, P. Dhankher, D. Di Bari, A. 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Garg, C. Gargiulo, P. Gasik, E.F. Gauger, M. Germain, M. Gheata, P. Ghosh, S.K. Ghosh, P. Gianotti, P. Giubellino, P. Giubilato, E. Gladysz-Dziadus, P. Glässel, D.M. Goméz Coral, A. Gomez Ramirez, A.S. Gonzalez, V. Gonzalez, P. González-Zamora, S. Gorbunov, L. Görlich, S. Gotovac, V. Grabski, O.A. Grachov, L.K. Graczykowski, K.L. Graham, A. Grelli, A. Grigoras, C. Grigoras, V. Grigoriev, A. Grigoryan, S. Grigoryan, B. Grinyov, N. Grion, J.M. Gronefeld, J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus, R. Grosso, L. Gruber, F. Guber, R. Guernane, B. Guerzoni, K. Gulbrandsen, T. Gunji, A. Gupta, R. Gupta, I.B. Guzman, R. Haake, C. Hadjidakis, M. Haiduc, H. Hamagaki, G. Hamar, J.C. Hamon, J.W. Harris, A. Harton, D. Hatzifotiadou, S. Hayashi, S.T. Heckel, E. Hellbär, H. Helstrup, A. Herghelegiu, G. Herrera Corral, F. Herrmann, B.A. Hess, K.F. Hetland, H. Hillemanns, B. Hippolyte, D. Horak, R. Hosokawa, P. Hristov, C. Hughes, T.J. Humanic, N. Hussain, T. Hussain, D. Hutter, D.S. Hwang, R. Ilkaev, M. Inaba, E. Incani, M. Ippolitov, M. Irfan, V. Isakov, M. Ivanov, V. Ivanov, V. Izucheev, B. Jacak, N. Jacazio, P.M. Jacobs, M.B. Jadhav, S. Jadlovska, J. Jadlovsky, C. Jahnke, M.J. Jakubowska, M.A. Janik, P.H.S.Y. Jayarathna, C. Jena, S. Jena, R.T. Jimenez Bustamante, P.G. Jones, H. Jung, A. Jusko, P. Kalinak, A. Kalweit, J.H. Kang, V. Kaplin, S. Kar, A. Karasu Uysal, O. Karavichev, T. Karavicheva, L. Karayan, E. Karpechev, U. Kebschull, R. Keidel, D.L.D. Keijdener, M. Keil, M. Mohisin Khan, P. Khan, S.A. Khan, A. Khanzadeev, Y. Kharlov, A. Khatun, B. Kileng, D.W. Kim, D.J. Kim, D. Kim, H. Kim, J.S. Kim, J. Kim, M. Kim, M. Kim, S. Kim, T. Kim, S. Kirsch, I. Kisel, S. Kiselev, A. Kisiel, G. Kiss, J.L. Klay, C. Klein, J. Klein, C. Klein-Bösing, S. Klewin, A. Kluge, M.L. Knichel, A.G. Knospe, C. Kobdaj, M. Kofarago, T. Kollegger, A. Kolojvari, V. Kondratiev, N. Kondratyeva, E. Kondratyuk, A. Konevskikh, M. Kopcik, M. Kour, C. Kouzinopoulos, O. Kovalenko, V. Kovalenko, M. Kowalski, G. Koyithatta Meethaleveedu, I. Králik, A. Kravčáková, M. Krivda, F. Krizek, E. Kryshen, M. Krzewicki, A.M. Kubera, V. Kučera, C. Kuhn, P.G. Kuijer, A. Kumar, J. Kumar, L. Kumar, S. Kumar, P. Kurashvili, A. Kurepin, A.B. Kurepin, A. Kuryakin, M.J. Kweon, Y. Kwon, S.L. La Pointe, P. La Rocca, P. Ladron de Guevara, C. Lagana Fernandes, I. Lakomov, R. Langoy, K. Lapidus, C. Lara, A. Lardeux, A. Lattuca, E. Laudi, R. Lea, L. Leardini, S. Lee, F. Lehas, S. Lehner, R.C. Lemmon, V. Lenti, E. Leogrande, I. León Monzón, H. León Vargas, M. Leoncino, P. Lévai, S. Li, X. Li, J. Lien, R. Lietava, S. Lindal, V. Lindenstruth, C. Lippmann, M.A. Lisa, H.M. Ljunggren, D.F. Lodato, P.I. Loenne, V. Loginov, C. Loizides, X. Lopez, E. López Torres, A. Lowe, P. Luettig, M. Lunardon, G. Luparello, M. Lupi, T.H. Lutz, A. Maevskaya, M. Mager, S. Mahajan, S.M. Mahmood, A. Maire, R.D. Majka, M. Malaev, I. Maldonado Cervantes, L. Malinina, D. Mal'Kevich, P. Malzacher, A. Mamonov, V. Manko, F. Manso, V. Manzari, Y. 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