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Legacy of road salt: Apparent positive larval effects counteracted by negative postmetamorphic effects in wood frogs

Journal Article published 11 Sep 2015 in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry volume 34 issue 10 on pages 2417 to 2424

Research funded by Western Reserve University Farm

Authors: Kacey L. Dananay, Katherine L. Krynak, Timothy J. Krynak, Michael F. Benard

Phenotypic plasticity raises questions for taxonomically important traits: a remarkable new Andean rainfrog (Pristimantis) with the ability to change skin texture

Journal Article published 24 Mar 2015 in Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society volume 173 issue 4 on pages 913 to 928

Research funded by Universidad Tecnológica Indoamerica (NA)

Authors: Juan M. Guayasamin, Tim Krynak, Katherine Krynak, Jaime Culebras, Carl R. Hutter

Larval Environment Alters Amphibian Immune Defenses Differentially across Life Stages and Populations

Journal Article published 24 Jun 2015 in PLOS ONE volume 10 issue 6 on page e0130383

Authors: Katherine L. Krynak, David J. Burke, Michael F. Benard

Editors: Vincent Laudet

Landscape and water characteristics correlate with immune defense traits across Blanchard's cricket frog ( Acris blanchardi ) populations

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Biological Conservation volume 193 on pages 153 to 167

Authors: Katherine L. Krynak, David J. Burke, Michael F. Benard

Gut microbiome composition is associated with cardiac disease in zoo-housed western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

Journal Article published 14 Jul 2017 in FEMS Microbiology Letters volume 364 issue 15

Authors: Katherine L. Krynak, David J. Burke, Ryan A. Martin, Patricia M. Dennis

Rodeo™ Herbicide Negatively Affects Blanchard's Cricket Frogs (Acris blanchardi) Survival and Alters the Skin-Associated Bacterial Community

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Journal of Herpetology volume 51 issue 3 on pages 402 to 410

Authors: Katherine L. Krynak, David J. Burke, Michael F. Benard

Newly discovered population of Bumpy Glassfrog, Centrolene heloderma (Duellman, 1981), with discussion of threats to population persistence

Journal Article published 23 Feb 2018 in Check List volume 14 issue 1 on pages 261 to 265

Authors: Katherine L. Krynak, Dana G. Wessels, Segundo M. Imba, Jane A. Lyons, Juan M. Guayasamin

The effects of increased hay-to-grain ratio on behavior, metabolic health measures, and fecal bacterial communities in four Masai giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi) at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Journal Article published 2 Aug 2018 in Zoo Biology volume 37 issue 5 on pages 320 to 331

Authors: Michael L. Monson, Patricia M. Dennis, Kristen E. Lukas, Katherine L. Krynak, Sarah R. Carrino-Kyker, David J. Burke, Mandi W. Schook

A novel field technique to assess ploidy in introduced Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella, Cyprinidae)

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2015 in Biological Invasions volume 17 issue 7 on pages 1931 to 1939

Authors: Katherine L. Krynak, Ronald G. Oldfield, Patricia M. Dennis, Michael Durkalec, Claire Weldon

Alcohol and Other Drug Use among Rural Adolescents: Some Implications for Rural Drug-Programming

Chapter published 1981 in Drug Dependence and Alcoholism on pages 153 to 169

Authors: Bradley M. Larsen, Dale T. Krynak, Terry F. Pettyjohn

Psychological and Interpersonal Consequences of Perceived Rejection

Dataset published 2002 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Erin J. Moore, John B. Zitzner, Natalie T. Murzynski, Jennifer A. Stephensen, Jeffrey E. James, Megan E. Critchell, Amy K. Krynak, Jeffrey B. Brookings

Benthic invertebrate taxonomic and trait associations with land use in an intensively managed watershed: Implications for indicator identification

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in Ecological Indicators volume 93 on pages 1050 to 1059

Research funded by Canadian Water Network | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (RGPIN/435371-2013)

Authors: Edward M. Krynak, Adam G. Yates

Scale-specific land cover thresholds for conservation of stream invertebrate communities in agricultural landscapes

Journal Article published 10 Nov 2018 in Landscape Ecology volume 33 issue 12 on pages 2239 to 2252

Research funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | Canadian Water Network | Ontario Trillium Foundation

Authors: Jeremy P. Grimstead, Edward M. Krynak, Adam G. Yates

Katherine Desouza

Other published in Katherine Desouza

Katherine Mansfield and Vitalist Psychology

Chapter published 1 Oct 2016 in Katherine Mansfield and Psychology

Authors: Clare Hanson

Katherine Mansfield’s Menagerie

Chapter published in Katherine Mansfield and Literary Modernism : Historicizing Modernism

Katherine [née Katherine Roelt; married name Katherine Swynford], duchess of Lancaster (1350?–1403), mistress and third wife of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster

Reference published 23 Sep 2004 in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Authors: Simon Walker

Katherine Mansfieldová: The Reception of Katherine Mansfield in the Countries of Former Czechoslovakia

Journal Article published Oct 2009 in Katherine Mansfield Studies volume 1 issue 1 on pages 53 to 67

Authors: Janka Kaščáková

Katherine Mansfield's Suburban Fairy Tale Gothic

Journal Article published Sep 2012 in Katherine Mansfield Studies volume 4 issue 1 on pages 20 to 32

Authors: Gina Wisker

‘Where is Katherine?’: Longing and (Un)belonging in the Works of Katherine Mansfield

Chapter published 2011 in Celebrating Katherine Mansfield on pages 175 to 188

Authors: Janet Wilson