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Nocturnal oviposition in forensically important flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in South Africa

Conference Paper published 2016 in 2016 International Congress of Entomology

Authors: Kirstin A Williams

Morphological identification of Lucilia sericata, Lucilia cuprina and their hybrids (Diptera, Calliphoridae)

Journal Article published 25 Jun 2014 in ZooKeys volume 420 on pages 69 to 85

Authors: Kirstin Williams, Martin Villet

Phylogenetic radiation of the greenbottle flies (Diptera, Calliphoridae, Luciliinae)

Journal Article published 23 Feb 2016 in ZooKeys volume 568 on pages 59 to 86

Authors: Kirstin Williams, Martin Villet, Jennifer Lamb

Comprehensive molecular profiling of advanced gynecologic malignancies.

Journal Article published 20 May 2017 in Journal of Clinical Oncology volume 35 issue 15_suppl on pages e17082 to e17082

Authors: Luis Rojas, Casey B. Williams, David Starks, Kirstin Anne Williams, Brian Leyland-Jones

An Intervention to Manage Patient-Reported Symptoms During Cancer Treatment

Journal Article published 30 May 2011 in Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing volume 15 issue 3 on pages 253 to 258

Authors: Phoebe D. Williams, Kirstin Williams, Stephanie LaFaver-Roling, Renee Johnson, Arthur R. Williams

Parental caregiving of children with cancer and family impact, economic burden: nursing perspectives

Journal Article published 21 Nov 2013 in Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing volume 37 issue 1 on pages 39 to 60

Authors: Phoebe D. Williams, Kirstin A. Williams, Arthur R. Williams

Ja zum Nein

Book published 2017

Authors: Kirstin Nickelsen

The Story Maker

Book published 5 Jul 2017

Authors: Kirstin Lewis

Validity of the Student Worry Questionnaire 30 in the Assessment of Worry Among College Students

Dataset published 2006 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Jennifer R. Bailey, Ashley Salvatore, Qijuan Fang, Kirstin Choma, John Williams

Ancient and modern hybridization between Lucilia sericata and L. cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Journal Article published 11 Apr 2013 in European Journal of Entomology volume 110 issue 2 on pages 187 to 196

Authors: Kirstin WILLIAMS, Martin H. VILLET