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Bee conservation: Inclusive solutions

Journal Article published 26 Apr 2018 in Science volume 360 issue 6387 on pages 389.2 to 390

Authors: David Kleijn, Koos Biesmeijer, Yoko L. Dupont, Anders Nielsen, Simon G. Potts, Josef Settele

Editors: Jennifer Sills

Assessing continental-scale risks for generalist and specialist pollinating bee species under climate change

Journal Article published 19 Dec 2011 in BioRisk volume 6 on pages 1 to 18

Authors: Stuart Roberts, Simon Potts, Koos Biesmeijer, Michael Kuhlmann, William Kunin, Ralf Ohlemüller

Microsatellite Analysis of Museum Specimens Reveals Historical Differences in Genetic Diversity between Declining and More Stable Bombus Species

Journal Article published 10 Jun 2015 in PLOS ONE volume 10 issue 6 on page e0127870

Authors: Kevin Maebe, Ivan Meeus, Maarten Ganne, Thibaut De Meulemeester, Koos Biesmeijer, Guy Smagghe

Editors: Wolfgang Arthofer

Koos, Victor

Reference published 31 Oct 2011 in Benezit Dictionary of Artists

Jacobus (Koos) Boomsma

Journal Article published Jun 2015 in Current Biology volume 25 issue 13 on pages R532 to R534

Authors: Jacobus (Koos) Boomsma

Climatic Risk and Distribution Atlas of European Bumblebees

Journal Article published 18 Feb 2015 in BioRisk volume 10 on pages 1 to 236

Authors: Pierre Rasmont, Markus Franzen, Thomas Lecocq, Alexander Harpke, Stuart Roberts, Koos Biesmeijer, Leopoldo Castro, Bjorn Cederberg, Libor Dvorak, Una Fitzpatrick, Yves Gonseth, Eric Haubruge, Gilles Mahe, Aulo Manino, Denis Michez, Johann Neumayer, Frode Odegaard, Juho Paukkunen, Tadeusz Pawlikowski, Simon Potts, Menno Reemer, Josef Settele, Jakub Straka, Oliver Schweiger

Aantekeninge by Koos Prinsloo

Monograph published 1 Aug 2008

Authors: Gerrit Olivier

Orthopedische casuïstiek

Book published 2010

Authors: Koos van Nugteren


Book published 2004

Editors: Koos van Nugteren, Dos Winkel

Trends in American Secondary Education

Monograph published 31 Jan 1926

Authors: Leonard V. Koos