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Influence of curvature on water desalination through the graphene membrane with Si-passivated nanopore

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Computational Materials Science volume 124 on pages 160 to 165

Research funded by Deputy of Research of University of Kurdistan (4/9040)

Authors: Sadollah Ebrahimi

A novel polymer composite with a small optical band gap: New approaches for photonics and optoelectronics

Journal Article published 31 Jan 2017 in Journal of Applied Polymer Science volume 134 issue 21

Research funded by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Regional Government | Department of Physics of the College of Science of the University of Sulaimani | Development Center for Research and Training of the University of Human Development

Authors: Shujahadeen B. Aziz, Omed Gh. Abdullah, Mariwan A. Rasheed

Solid state electrolyte membranes for direct methanol fuel cells

Journal Article published May 1991 in Solid State Ionics volume 46 issue 1-2 on pages 169 to 173


The effect of adsorbates on the ionic conductivity of zeolites

Journal Article published Aug 1990 in Solid State Ionics volume 40-41 on pages 121 to 124

Authors: J KJAR

Ni(II)-Adenine complex coated Fe3 O4 nanoparticles as high reusable nanocatalyst for the synthesis of polyhydroquinoline derivatives and oxidation reactions

Journal Article published 8 Aug 2017 in Applied Organometallic Chemistry volume 32 issue 1 on page e3974

Research funded by University of Kurdistan and Ilam University

Authors: Taiebeh Tamoradi, Mohammad Ghadermazi, Arash Ghorbani-Choghamarani

Synthesis of new zirconium complex supported on MCM-41 and its application as an efficient catalyst for synthesis of sulfides and the oxidation of sulfur containing compounds

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2018 in Applied Organometallic Chemistry volume 32 issue 5 on page e4340

Research funded by University of Kurdistan

Authors: Taiebeh Tamoradi, Arash Ghorbani-Choghamarani, Mohammad Ghadermazi

Fe 3 O 4 as a magnetically reusable Fenton nanocatalyst for the oxidation of thiols to sulfonic acid and sulfides to sulfoxides and sulfones

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Comptes Rendus Chimie volume 21 issue 2 on pages 80 to 87

Research funded by Research Council of Kurdistan University

Authors: Amin Rostami, Sirvan Moradi, Zahra Shokri

Electrocatalytic oxidation of NADH at electrogenerated NAD+ oxidation product immobilized onto multiwalled carbon nanotubes/ionic liquid nanocomposite: Application to ethanol biosensing

Journal Article published Feb 2012 in Talanta volume 90 on pages 91 to 98

Research funded by Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative | Research Offices of the University of Kurdistan | University of Tarbiat Modarres

Authors: Hazhir Teymourian, Abdollah Salimi, Rahman Hallaj

Influence of Stone–Wales defects orientations on stability of graphene nanoribbons under a uniaxial compression strain

Journal Article published Oct 2015 in Solid State Communications volume 220 on pages 17 to 20

Research funded by Deputy of Research of University of Kurdistan (4/49535)

Authors: Sadollah Ebrahimi

Indirect Nitrous Oxide Emission Factors for Agricultural Field Drains and Headwater Streams

Journal Article published 19 Dec 2016 in Environmental Science & Technology volume 51 issue 1 on pages 301 to 307

Research funded by Kurdistan Regional Government | Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Platform (AC0116)

Authors: Zanist Q. Hama-Aziz, Kevin M. Hiscock, Richard J. Cooper