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European Society for Applied Neurochemistry

Journal Article published Mar 1975 in Brain Research volume 86 issue 2 on page 349

Responses of preoptic-septal neurons to iontophoretically applied histamine

Journal Article published Apr 1978 in Brain Research volume 145 issue 2 on pages 391 to 395

Authors: Bernard Carette

A comparative investigation of two perimetry methods applied to monocularly and binocularly deprived cats

Journal Article published May 1977 in Brain Research volume 127 issue 2 on page 366

Authors: Helga Heitländer

The horseradish peroxidase technique applied to the teleostean nervous system

Journal Article published May 1975 in Brain Research volume 89 issue 1 on pages 181 to 186

Authors: P.G.M. Luiten

Cholecystokinin intracerebroventricularly applied stimulates gastric acid secretion

Journal Article published 29 Apr 1985 in Brain Research volume 333 issue 1 on pages 197 to 199

Authors: T Ishikawa

Action of iontophoretically applied dopamine on cat retinal ganglion cells

Journal Article published Jan 1984 in Brain Research volume 292 issue 1 on pages 109 to 121

Authors: Peter Thier, Valerie Alder

Suppression of spontaneous epileptiform activity with applied currents

Journal Article published Dec 1991 in Brain Research volume 567 issue 2 on pages 241 to 247

Authors: M. Nakagawa, D. Durand

Evidence for the limited spread of intracerebrally applied serotonin

Journal Article published Oct 1972 in Brain Research volume 45 issue 2 on pages 630 to 634

Authors: David L. Cohen, John R. Sladek

Ethanol selectively enhances the hyperpolarizing component of neocortical neuronal responses to locally applied GABA

Journal Article published Aug 1998 in Brain Research volume 800 issue 2 on pages 187 to 197

Authors: Brandi L Soldo, William R Proctor, Thomas V Dunwiddie

Colchicine-induced cytoskeletal collapse and apoptosis in N-18 neuroblastoma cultures is rapidly reversed by applied S-100β

Journal Article published Aug 2001 in Brain Research volume 912 issue 1 on pages 9 to 16

Authors: Luke S Brewton, Lisa Haddad, Efrain C Azmitia