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Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History.:Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History.

Journal Article published Dec 2000 in American Anthropologist volume 102 issue 4 on pages 883 to 895

Authors: Akos Ostor

International briefing 30: training and development in Iraqi Kurdistan

Journal Article published 16 Jul 2013 in International Journal of Training and Development volume 17 issue 4 on pages 295 to 309

Authors: Hiba Khodr, Araz Abdullah Zirar

Kurdistan: Crafting of National Selves byChristopher Houston

Journal Article published Nov 2010 in American Ethnologist volume 37 issue 4 on pages 832 to 833

Authors: DIANE E. KING

Economic Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan

Journal Article published Jun 2011 in Middle East Policy volume 18 issue 2 on pages 102 to 109

Authors: Michael M. Gunter

Antifungal properties and biocompatibility of silver nanoparticle coatings on silicone maxillofacial prostheses in vitro

Journal Article published 10 May 2017 in Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials volume 106 issue 3 on pages 1038 to 1051

Research funded by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq | University of Plymouth awarded to Handy and De Peralta

Authors: Zhala Meran, Alexandros Besinis, Tracy De Peralta, Richard D. Handy

Fatalities in Wild Goats in Kurdistan Associated with Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus

Journal Article published 10 Nov 2011 in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases volume 59 issue 2 on pages 173 to 176

Authors: B. Hoffmann, H. Wiesner, J. Maltzan, R. Mustefa, M. Eschbaumer, F. A. Arif, M. Beer

Skeletal maturation of the human fetus assessed radiographically on the basis of ossification sequences in the hand and foot

Journal Article published Mar 1974 in American Journal of Physical Anthropology volume 40 issue 2 on pages 257 to 275

Authors: Inger Kjar

Can Good Apples Be Mixed with Bad Economics? A Mengerian Critique of the Alchian and Allen Theorem

Journal Article published Oct 2008 in American Journal of Economics and Sociology volume 67 issue 4 on pages 645 to 660

Authors: William L. Anderson, Scott Kjar

Kids + Money by Lauren Greenfield
Untouchable? The Caste System and Bonded Labor Are Still Alive and Well in India by Poul Kjar

Journal Article published 19 May 2010 in American Anthropologist volume 112 issue 2 on pages 314 to 315

Authors: Keara Goin

How Is Household Vulnerability Gendered? Female-headed Households in the Collectives of Suleimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan

Journal Article published Jun 2000 in Disasters volume 24 issue 2 on pages 153 to 172

Authors: Louise Waite

: The Kurds and Kurdistan . Derk Kinnane.

Journal Article published Feb 1966 in American Anthropologist volume 68 issue 1 on pages 284 to 284

Authors: Robert A. Fernea

: Principles of Social Organization in Southern Kurdistan . Fredrik Barth.

Journal Article published Feb 1955 in American Anthropologist volume 57 issue 1 on pages 154 to 155

Authors: Will Masters

Die Manna von Kurdistan

Journal Article published 1863 in Archiv der Pharmazie volume 165 issue 1 on pages 81 to 81

Notiz über die Eichenmanna von Kurdistan

Journal Article published 1872 in Archiv der Pharmazie volume 200 issue 2 on pages 159 to 164

Authors: F. A. Flückiger

Eine manna-ähnliche Substanz in Kurdistan.

Journal Article published 1848 in Archiv der Pharmazie volume 103 issue 2 on pages 210 to 210

Kurdistan for Christ

Journal Article published Jul 1920 in The Muslim World volume 10 issue 3 on pages 241 to 250

Authors: Blanche Wilson Stead

Posttraumatic stress among children in Kurdistan

Journal Article published Jul 2008 in Acta Paediatrica volume 97 issue 7 on pages 884 to 888

Authors: A Ahmad

Neue Onosma-Arten aus Persien und Kurdistan

Journal Article published 1910 in Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegetabilis volume 8 issue 32-34 on pages 539 to 544

Authors: J. Bornmüller

Zwei neue Scrophularien aus Persien und Kurdistan

Journal Article published 1909 in Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegetabilis volume 7 issue 13-15 on pages 202 to 204

Authors: J. Bornmüller

Ein neues Ornithogalum aus der Flora des assyrischen Kurdistan

Journal Article published 1908 in Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegetabilis volume 5 issue 7-12 on pages 135 to 135

Authors: J. Bornmüller