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Daughters of Allah

Book published 8 Sep 2016

Iraqi Kurdistan in Middle Eastern Politics

Book published 17 Oct 2016

The Yezidi Oral Tradition in Iraqi Kurdistan

Book published 14 Sep 2001

The Last Mufti of Iranian Kurdistan

Book published 2016

Authors: Ali Ezzatyar

Gendered Experiences of Genocide

Book published 22 Apr 2016

Trapped Between the Map and Reality

Book published 18 Mar 2004

The PKK-Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s Regional Politics

Book published 2017

Authors: Ali Balci

Nation Building in Kurdistan

Book published 17 Jun 2016

Counterterrorism in Turkey

Book published 13 Dec 2011

Trapped Between the Map and Reality

Book published 1 Feb 2004

Honor and Violence against Women in Iraqi Kurdistan

Book published 2013

Authors: Minoo Alinia

Iraqi Kurdistan, the PKK and International Relations

Book published 28 Jul 2017

Jewish Subjects and Their Tribal Chieftains in Kurdistan

Book published 15 Oct 2007

Authors: M. Zaken

Honour-Based Violence

Book published 28 May 2015

Communication Research Methodology

Book published 17 Feb 2017

Institutional Design and Capacity to Enhance Effective Governance of Oil and Gas Wealth: The Case of Kurdistan Region

Book published 2017 in Perspectives on Development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

Authors: Khazal Abdullah Auzer

Calculating the Gross Regional Product of the Kurdistan Region -- Iraq

Book published 2016

Authors: Shmuel Abramzon, Nicholas Burger, Peter Glick, Krishna Kumar, Cheryl Montemayor, Nelly Mejia, Shanthi Nataraj, Francisco Perez-Arce, Claude Setodji

Building the Future: Summary of Four Studies to Develop the Private Sector, Education, Health Care, and Data for Decisionmaking for the Kurdistan Region -- Iraq

Book published 2016

Authors: C. Anthony, Michael Hansen, Krishna Kumar, Howard Shatz, Georges Vernez

Health Sector Reform in the Kurdistan Region — Iraq: Primary Care Management Information System, Physician Dual Practice Finance Reform, and Quality of Care Training

Book published 2017

Authors: C. Anthony, Melinda Moore, Lee Hilborne, Anne Rooney, Scot Hickey, Youngbok Ryu, Laura Botwinick

Initiatives to Improve Quality of Education in the Kurdistan Region -- Iraq: Administration, School Monitoring, Private School Policies, and Teacher Training

Book published 2016

Authors: Georges Vernez, Shelly Culbertson, Louay Constant, Rita Karam