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Other published 3 Dec 2007 in Comparative Genomics

Journal of Applied Psychology

Other published in In Search of Research Excellence

Authors: Maw-Der Food

Patenting in Public Research: An Evidence-based Reflection on IPRs and the Basic–Applied Research Trade-off

Other published in Technological Change and Economic Catch-up

Authors: Mario Calderini, Chiara Franzoni

Front Matter

Other published 22 Oct 2014 in Applied Methodologies in Polymer Research and Technology on pages i to xviii

Front Matter

Other published 11 Nov 2014 in Engineering Materials on pages i to xx

Front Matter

Other published 13 May 2014 in Applied Research in Hydraulics and Heat Flow on pages i to xxi

Classroom Research

Other published 14 Dec 2018 in The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics on pages 1 to 4

Authors: Nina Spada

Front Matter

Other published 13 Dec 2011 in Applied Operational Research with SAS on pages i to xiv

The Evolution of Specialization: Public Research in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Other published in Applied Evolutionary Economics

Authors: Aldo Geuna

Cost–Benefit Analysis Applied to Labour Market Programmes

Other published in Handbook of Research on Cost–Benefit Analysis

Authors: Michele Campolieti, Morley Gunderson