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Electrochemistry of NAD(P)+/NAD(P)H

Entry published 15 Dec 2007 in Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry

Authors: Lo Gorton, Elena Dom��nguez

Ectomycorrhizas of Cortinarius helodes and Gyrodon monticola with Alnus acuminata from Argentina

Journal Article published 26 Nov 2003 in Mycorrhiza volume 15 issue 1 on pages 7 to 15

Authors: Alejandra Becerra, Eduardo Nouhra, Graciela Daniele, Laura Domnguez, Donaraye McKay

Modeling Conditions Affecting the Production of a Bacteriocin by Enterococus faecium UQ1 and the Kinetics of the Bacteriocin Antilisterial Activity

Chapter published 25 Mar 2002 in Food Preservation Technology

Authors: C Regalado, J Domínguez-Domínguez, L Mayorga-Martínez, B García-Almendárez, J Ibarra-Silva

Malignant Transformation in Mediastinal Teratoma

Journal Article published Sep 2006 in Pathology Case Reviews volume 11 issue 5 on pages 213 to 217

Authors: Delia P??rez Montiel, Hugo Dom??nguez Malag??n

Genetic analysis ofDrosophila melanogaster egg insertion behavior

Journal Article published May 1987 in Behavior Genetics volume 17 issue 3 on pages 257 to 262

Authors: J. Albornoz, A. Domnguez

Summing Circuits

Entry published 27 Dec 1999 in Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Authors: Rafael Dom��nguez-Castro, Servando Espejo, Angel Rodr��guez-V��zquez, Carmen Baena, Manuel Valencia

The representation of functions by Fourier integrals

Journal Article published 1940 in Duke Mathematical Journal volume 6 issue 1 on pages 246 to 255

Authors: Alberto Gonz�lez Domnguez

Letters to the editors

Journal Article published Sep 1992 in Human Genetics volume 90 issue 1-2

Authors: Y. Chamla, H. Rivera, M.G. Domnguez

Dimensions of Drug-Trafficking in the United States

Chapter published in North America's Soft Security Threats and Multilateral Governance

Authors: Roberto Dom í nguez, Rafael Velázquez Flores

Hyperfractionated Radiotherapy and Concomitant Cisplatin for Locally Advanced Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Carcinomas

Journal Article published Dec 2003 in American Journal of Clinical Oncology volume 26 issue 6 on pages 550 to 557

Authors: Fernando Arias de la Vega, R. Vera Garc??a, Dom??nguez Dom??nguez, E. Villafranca Iturre, E. Mart??nez L??pez, S. Miquelez Alonso, P. Romero, J. Medina Sola