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Miglio, Andrea

Entry published 31 Oct 2011 in Benezit Dictionary of Artists

Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Ophthalmoplegic Migraine

Journal Article published Jun 2010 in Pediatric Neurology volume 42 issue 6 on pages 434 to 436

Authors: Laura Miglio, Paola Feraco, Giovanni Tani, Paolo Ambrosetto

Bumba, a replacement name for Maraca Pérez-Miles, 2005 and Bumba lennoni, a new tarantula species from western Amazonia (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Theraphosinae)

Journal Article published 20 Oct 2014 in ZooKeys volume 448 on pages 1 to 8

Authors: Fernando Perez-Miles, Alexandre Bragio Bonaldo, Laura Miglio

On the identity of the type species of Actinopus tarsalis (Araneae: Actinopodidae)

Journal Article published Aug 2012 in Zoologia (Curitiba) volume 29 issue 4 on pages 375 to 379

Authors: Laura T. Miglio, Sylvia M. Lucas, Alexandre B. Bonaldo

On Munduruku, a new Theraphosid genus from Oriental Amazonia (Araneae, Mygalomorphae)

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in Iheringia. Série Zoologia volume 103 issue 2 on pages 185 to 189

Authors: Laura T. Miglio, Alexandre B. Bonaldo, Fernando Pérez-Miles

Four new Mouse Spider species (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Actinopodidae, Missulena) from Western Australia

Journal Article published 22 May 2014 in ZooKeys volume 410 on pages 121 to 148

Authors: Volker Framenau, Laura Miglio, Danilo Harms, Mark Harvey

Beyond Schmitt

Journal Article published 1 Jul 1994 in Telos volume 1994 issue 100 on pages 123 to 128

Authors: G. Miglio


Chapter published in International Law Reports on pages 362 to 365

Editors: E. Lauterpacht


Chapter published 2005 in Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter Physics on pages 157 to 166

Authors: L. Miglio, A. Sassella


Journal Article published 1 Jan 2005 in Acta Poética volume 16 issue 1-2

Authors: Viola G. Miglio

Fremdes wahrnehmen, aufnehmen, annehmen

Monograph published 27 Jun 2013

Authors: Barbara Hans-Bianchi, Camilla Miglio, Daniela Pirazzini, Irene Vogt


Chapter published 1993 in Semiconductor Superlattices and Interfaces on page XIII


Toward a Federal Italy

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1991 in Telos volume 1991 issue 90 on pages 19 to 42

Authors: G. Miglio

Beyond Schmitt? Reply to Miglio

Journal Article published 1 Jul 1994 in Telos volume 1994 issue 100 on pages 129 to 133

Authors: G. Ulmen

Domenico Lenzi: Tra Mercatura E Poesia

Journal Article published Jan 1978 in MLN volume 93 issue 1 on page 109

Authors: Luisa Miglio

Il drenaggio toracico

Chapter published in Pneumologia interventistica on pages 555 to 566

Authors: Pier Anselmo Mori, Angelo Gianni Casalini, Valerio Miglio

Online databases and language change: the case of Spanish dizque

Chapter published in Corpus-linguistic applications on pages 7 to 28

Authors: Viola G. Miglio

Storiografia pontificia del quattrocento. Massimo Miglio

Journal Article published Oct 1977 in Speculum volume 52 issue 4 on pages 1024 to 1025

Curial Humanism Seen trough the Prism of the Papal Library

Chapter published in Interpretations of Renaissance Humanism on pages 97 to 112

Authors: Massimo Miglio

Benign Metastasizing Leiomyoma of the Lung

Journal Article published Feb 2009 in Journal of Thoracic Imaging volume 24 issue 1 on pages 41 to 44

Authors: Valerio di Scioscio, Paola Feraco, Laura Miglio, Francesco Toni, Deborah Malvi, Angela M. G. Pacilli, Luca Fasano, Mario Fabbri, Maurizio Zompatori