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The Vicissitudes of Learning During Retrieval

Dataset published 2014 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Leonel Garcia-Marques, Pedro Marques

Adjective-Noun Word Order and Social Information Representation

Dataset published 2007 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Elise Percy Hall, Steven J. Sherman, Leonel Garcia-Marques, Teresa Garcia-Marques

The relation between familiarity and positive affect: A sometime thing

Dataset published 2010 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Teresa Garcia-Marques, Leonel Garcia-Marques

Positivity can signal familiarity

Dataset published 2004 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Heather M. Claypool, Teresa Garcia-Marques, Diane M. Mackie, Leonel Garcia-Marques

Pereira, Leonel Marques

Reference published 31 Oct 2011 in Benezit Dictionary of Artists

Adapting to Test Structure: Letting Testing Teach What to Learn

Dataset published 2013 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Leonel Garcia-Marques, Pedro Marques, Ludmila Nunes, Paula Carneiro, Yana Weinstein

Psicologia Social em Portugal

Journal Article published 4 Jun 2014 in PSICOLOGIA volume 11 issue 1 on page 5

Authors: Leonel Garcia-Marques

False Memories and Impressions of Personality

Journal Article published Aug 2010 in Social Cognition volume 28 issue 4 on pages 556 to 568

Authors: Leonel Garcia-Marques, Mário B. Ferreira, Ludmila D. Nunes, Margarida V. Garrido, Teresa Garcia-Marques

O legado de Harold H. Kelley: O estudo da interdependência e atribuição de causas

Journal Article published 16 Nov 2012 in Análise Psicológica volume 21 issue 3 on pages 259 to 266

Authors: Leonel Garcia-Marques, Teresa Garcia-Marques

Is It Familiar or Positive? Mutual Facilitation of Response Latencies

Journal Article published Apr 2010 in Social Cognition volume 28 issue 2 on pages 205 to 218

Authors: Teresa Garcia-Marques, Diane M. Mackie, Heather M. Claypool, Leonel Garcia-Marques