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Journal Article published 1998 in Catalysis Letters volume 53 issue 1/2 on pages 3 to 6

Authors: Dan Fărcaşiu, Dan Hâncu

Chemistry, a lingua philosophica

Journal Article published Oct 2011 in Foundations of Chemistry volume 13 issue 3 on pages 233 to 249

Authors: Guillermo Restrepo, José L. Villaveces

Synthesis of nanophase oxalate precursors of YBaCuO superconductor by coprecipitation in microemulsions

Journal Article published 1995 in Journal of Materials Chemistry volume 5 issue 2 on page 309

Authors: Lingua Wang, Yu Zhang, Mamoun Muhammed

Nomenclatura na língua portuguesa em cromatografia multidimensional abrangente

Journal Article published Jun 2007 in Química Nova volume 30 issue 3 on pages 682 to 687

Authors: Carin von Mühlen, Cláudia Alcaraz Zini, Elina Bastos Caramão

Fern Constituents: Triterpenoids Isolated from Rhizomes of Pyrrosia lingua. I.

Journal Article published 1997 in CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN volume 45 issue 4 on pages 590 to 594

Authors: Kazuo MASUDA, Hiroshi YAMASHITA, Kenji SHIOJIMA, Toshihiro ITOH, Hiroyuki AGETA

Fern Constituents: Cyclohopenol and Cyclohopanediol, Novel Skeletal Triterpenoids from Rhizomes of Pyrrosia lingua.

Journal Article published 1998 in CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN volume 46 issue 4 on pages 730 to 732

Authors: Hiroshi YAMASHITA, Kazuo MASUDA, Hiroyuki AGETA, Kenji SHIOJIMA

Isolation of Diploptene from Pyrrosia lingua FARWELL

Journal Article published 1963 in CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN volume 11 issue 3 on pages 409 to 410

Authors: Hiroshi Hikino, Kanji Meguro, Tsunematsu Takemoto

syn- and Enantioselective Henry Reactions of Aliphatic Aldehydes and Application to the Synthesis of Safingol

Journal Article published 4 Nov 2013 in Chemistry - A European Journal volume 19 issue 49 on pages 16541 to 16544

Authors: Dan-Dan Qin, Wen Yu, Jie-Dan Zhou, Yan-Cheng Zhang, Yuan-Ping Ruan, Zhao-Hui Zhou, Hong-Bin Chen

The effects of sodium fluoride as the electrolyte additive on the electrochemical performances of magnesium–8lithium–0.5zinc electrode in sodium chloride solution

Journal Article published 5 Nov 2014 in RSC Adv. volume 4 issue 108 on pages 63182 to 63188

Authors: Yan-Zhuo Lv, Dan-Dan Tang, Dan Xu, Yan-Zhang Jin, Zhen-Bo Wang, Yan-Feng Li, Li Wang, Jing Feng, Yue-Ming Ren, Dian-Xue Cao

Acetylation of Beclin 1 inhibits autophagosome maturation and promotes tumour growth

Journal Article published 26 May 2015 in Nature Communications volume 6 on page 7215

Authors: Ting Sun, Xuan Li, Peng Zhang, Wen-Dan Chen, Hai-liang Zhang, Dan-Dan Li, Rong Deng, Xiao-Jun Qian, Lin Jiao, Jiao Ji, Yun-Tian Li, Rui-Yan Wu, Yan Yu, Gong-Kan Feng, Xiao-Feng Zhu