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Agricultural Pollution

Monograph published 2002

Authors: Graham Merrington, Linton Winder, Robert Parkinson, Mark Redman

A manifesto for fair and equitable research funding in ecology

Journal Article published 29 Dec 2017 in Rethinking Ecology volume 2 on pages 47 to 56

Authors: Linton Winder, Simon Hodge

Rethinking Ecology – Challenging Current Thinking in Ecological Research

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2016 in Rethinking Ecology volume 1 on pages 1 to 8

Authors: Stephane Boyer, Marie-Caroline Lefort, Linton Winder

Rethinking Ecology, a new journal fostering new thinking in ecological research

Conference Paper published 2018 in Proceedings of the 5th European Congress of Conservation Biology

Authors: Stéphane Boyer, Marie-Caroline Lefort, Linton Winder

Populations, metapopulations: elementary units of IPM systems

Chapter published in Perspectives in Ecological Theory and Integrated Pest Management on pages 65 to 86

Authors: Linton Winder, Ian P. Woiwod

Editors: Marcos Kogan, Paul Jepson

Regional and Ecotype Traits inLotus corniculatusL., with Reference to Restoration Ecology

Journal Article published Jan 2009 in Restoration Ecology volume 17 issue 1 on pages 12 to 23

Authors: Barbara M. Smith, Anita Diaz, Roger Daniels, Linton Winder, John M. Holland

Vulnerability of Skinks to Predation by Introduced Mongoose in the Fiji Islands

Journal Article published Jul 2015 in Pacific Science volume 69 issue 3 on pages 313 to 317

Authors: Craig G. Morley, Linton Winder

The effect of provenance on the establishment and performance of Lotus corniculatus L. in a re-creation environment

Journal Article published Sep 2005 in Biological Conservation volume 125 issue 1 on pages 37 to 46

Authors: Barbara Maria Smith, Anita Diaz, Linton Winder, Roger Daniels

The Effect of Liming Agricultural Land on the Water Quality of the River Esk, Cumbria

Chapter published 1991 in Acid Deposition on pages 227 to 238

Authors: Mark Diamond, David Hirst, Linton Winder, David H. Crawshaw, Raymond F. Prigg

Marking by abrasion or branding and recapturing carabid beetles in studies of their movement

Journal Article published Jul 2004 in International Journal of Pest Management volume 50 issue 3 on pages 161 to 164

Authors: Linton Winder