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Prendalona Sousa, Elmoor-Loureiro & Santos, 2018 a new name for Prenda Sousa, Elmoor-Loureiro & Santos, 2016 (not Freitas & Mielke, 2011) (Crustacea: Anomopoda)

Journal Article published 14 May 2018 in Journal of Natural History volume 52 issue 23-24 on pages 1601 to 1602

Authors: Francisco Diogo R. Sousa, Lourdes M. A. Elmoor-Loureiro, Sandro Santos

Phylogenetic relationships among families of the order Anomopoda (Crustacea, Branchiopoda, Cladocera)

Journal Article published 10 Dec 2004 in Zootaxa volume 760 issue 1 on page 1


A new record of Kisakiellus aweti Sousa & Elmoor-Loureiro, 2018 (Cladocera, Chydoridae) from the Amazon region

Journal Article published 6 Dec 2018 in Nauplius volume 26 issue 0

Authors: Lourdes M.A. Elmoor-Loureiro, Francisco Diogo Rocha Sousa, Gustavo Martins Rocha, Jordana de Carvalho e Féres, José Mauro Sterza

Populations of Flavalona setigera (Brehm, 1931) in Brazil belong to a new species: Flavalona asymmetrica (Cladocera: Chydoridae: Aloninae)

Journal Article published 19 Feb 2018 in Nauplius volume 26 issue 0

Authors: Francisco Diogo Rocha Sousa, Lourdes M. A. Elmoor-Loureiro

Occurrence of Guernella raphaelis Richard, 1892 (Crustacea: Cladocera: Macrothricidae) in Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia

Journal Article published 1 Dec 2011 in Check List volume 7 issue 6 on page 817

Authors: Juan M. Fuentes-Reines, Lourdes M.A. Elmoor-Loureiro

Ocorrência de Scapholeberis armata freyi Dumont & Pensaert (Crustácea, Anomopoda, Daphniidae) no estado de São Paulo, Brasil

Journal Article published Mar 2000 in Revista Brasileira de Zoologia volume 17 issue 1 on pages 301 to 302

Authors: Lourdes M.A. Elmoor-Loureiro

New records of Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) from the Tomo River, Vichada, Colombia

Journal Article published 15 Mar 2018 in Nauplius volume 26 issue 0

Authors: Juan M. Fuentes-Reinés, Lourdes M.A. Elmoor-Loureiro, Cristian E. Granados-Martínez

Occurrence of Kurzia polyspina Hudec (Crustacea, Anomopoda, Chydoridae) in Brazil

Journal Article published Mar 2002 in Revista Brasileira de Zoologia volume 19 issue 1 on pages 305 to 307

Authors: Lourdes M. A. Elmoor-Loureiro

The genusEurycercusBaird, 1843 (Cladocera: Eurycercidae) in the Neotropics

Journal Article published 14 Oct 2010 in Journal of Natural History volume 44 issue 41-42 on pages 2481 to 2508

Authors: Eugeniya I. Bekker, Alexey A. Kotov, Lourdes M.A. Elmoor-Loureiro

A cladistic analysis of the genera of Macrothricidae Norman & Brady (Crustacea, Cladocera, Radopoda)

Journal Article published Sep 2005 in Revista Brasileira de Zoologia volume 22 issue 3 on pages 735 to 741

Authors: Lourdes M. A. Elmoor-Loureiro