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Polska adaptacja skali wartości materialnych (MVS) – właściwości psychometryczne wersji pełnej i wersji skróconych

Journal Article published 2016 in Psychologia Ekonomiczna issue 9 on pages 5 to 21

Authors: Małgorzata Górnik-Durose


Journal Article published 1 Jan 2016 in Educational Psychology volume 45 issue 3 on pages 22 to 37

Authors: Małgorzata Górnik-Durose, Kinga Dziedzic

Intrinsic – Extrinsic – Transcendent. A triarchic model of goal contents: introduction and validation

Journal Article published 2018 in Current Issues in Personality Psychology volume 6 issue 1 on pages 1 to 16

Authors: Małgorzata Ewa Górnik-Durose, Łukasz Jach, Marcin Langer

The dual nature of materialism. How personality shapes materialistic value orientation

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Journal of Economic Psychology volume 57 on pages 102 to 116

Authors: Małgorzata E. Górnik-Durose, Irena Pilch

The Structure of Goal Contents Revisited. A Verification of the Model in Polish Samples

Journal Article published 1 Dec 2016 in Polish Psychological Bulletin volume 47 issue 4 on pages 451 to 463

Authors: Małgorzata Górnik-Durose, Łukasz Jach

Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism, Materialism, Money Attitudes, and Consumption Preferences

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2016 in The Journal of Psychology volume 151 issue 2 on pages 185 to 206

Authors: Irena Pilch, Małgorzata E. Górnik-Durose

Individual differences in the motivation to comply across cultures: the impact of social obligation

Journal Article published Jul 2004 in Personality and Individual Differences volume 37 issue 1 on pages 19 to 31

Authors: Daniel W Barrett, Wilhelmina Wosinska, Jonathan Butner, Petia Petrova, Malgorzata Gornik-Durose, Robert B Cialdini

Do we need “dark” traits to explain materialism? The incremental validity of the Dark Triad over the HEXACO domains in predicting materialistic orientation

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Personality and Individual Differences volume 102 on pages 102 to 106

Authors: Irena Pilch, Małgorzata E. Górnik-Durose

Resistance to Deficient Organizational Authority: The Impact of Culture and Connectedness in the Workplace

Journal Article published Apr 2009 in Journal of Applied Social Psychology volume 39 issue 4 on pages 834 to 851

Authors: Wilhelmina Wosinska, Robert B. Cialdini, Petia K. Petrova, Daniel W. Barrett, Malgorzata Gornik-Durose, Jonathan Butner, Vladas Griskevicius

Not materialistic, just neurotic. The mediating effect of neuroticism on the relationship between attitudes to material assets and well-being

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in Personality and Individual Differences volume 123 on pages 27 to 33

Authors: Małgorzata E. Górnik-Durose, Katarzyna Boroń