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Measurement of Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Lichens

Chapter published 2002 in Protocols in Lichenology on pages 135 to 151

Authors: Manfred Jensen

A Bibliography of Writings on Varieties of English, 1965-1983

Journal Article published Mar 1986 in Language volume 62 issue 1 on page 213

Authors: John T. Jensen, Wolfgang Viereck, Edgar W. Schneider, Manfred Görlach, Manfred Gorlach


Journal Article published Mar 2011 in Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft volume 81 issue S2 on pages 1 to 5

Authors: Oliver Götz, Ove Jensen, Manfred Krafft

Brenda and Manfred Winnewisser

Journal Article published Jun 2004 in Journal of Molecular Structure volume 695-696 on pages 1 to 3

Authors: Per Jensen, Frank De Lucia, Koichi Yamada

Effects of freezing on the structure of chloroplast membranes

Journal Article published Aug 1984 in Cryobiology volume 21 issue 4 on pages 465 to 473

Authors: Manfred Jensen, Walter Oettmeier

Desiccation Stress and Fluorescence Imaging of the Peltigera Canina

Chapter published 1998 in Photosynthesis: Mechanisms and Effects on pages 2553 to 2556

Authors: Manfred Jensen, Claudia Siemer, G. Benno Feige

How doesLobaria pulmonariaregulate photosystem II during progressive desiccation and osmotic water stress?

Journal Article published Feb 1999 in Physiologia Plantarum volume 105 issue 2 on pages 256 to 264

Authors: Samira Chakir, Manfred Jensen

Nuclear Decay Factors Crack Up mRNA

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in Molecular Cell volume 65 issue 5 on pages 775 to 776

Authors: Agnieszka Tudek, Manfred Schmid, Torben Heick Jensen

SnapShot: Nuclear RNAPII Transcript Modification

Journal Article published May 2014 in Cell volume 157 issue 5 on pages 1244 to 1244.e2

Authors: Manfred Schmid, Torben Heick Jensen

Quality control of mRNP in the nucleus

Journal Article published 18 Jun 2008 in Chromosoma volume 117 issue 5 on pages 419 to 429

Authors: Manfred Schmid, Torben Heick Jensen