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Hemodynamic instability secondary to adrenal insufficiency in a major burn patient

Journal Article published May 2002 in Burns volume 28 issue 3 on pages 270 to 272

Authors: Flávio E. Nácul, Allex Jardim, Flávio MacCord, Carmen Penido, Marcelo V. Gomes

Analyses of Topics Maps derived from Neuroanatomical publications

Journal Article published 2013 in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics volume 7

Authors: Tallis Marcelo, Kong Chin Hua, Borner Katy, Burns Gully

Knowledge Synthesis with Maps of Neural Connectivity

Journal Article published 2011 in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics volume 5

Authors: Marcelo Tallis, Richard Thompson, Thomas A. Russ, Gully A. P. C. Burns

Modeling neuroanatomical experimental design using the Ontology of Experimental Variables and Values (OoEVV)

Journal Article published 2014 in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics volume 8

Authors: Burns Gully A.P.C., Tallis Marcelo, Turner Jessica

Mesenchymal stem cells combined with an artificial dermal substitute improve repair in full-thickness skin wounds

Journal Article published Dec 2012 in Burns volume 38 issue 8 on pages 1143 to 1150

Authors: Dilmar Leonardi, Daniel Oberdoerfer, Marilda C. Fernandes, Rosalva T. Meurer, Gustavo A. Pereira-Filho, Paloma Cruz, Marcelo Vargas, Roberto C. Chem, Melissa Camassola, Nance B. Nardi

Characterization of critically ill adult burn patients admitted to a Brazilian intensive care unit

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in Burns volume 40 issue 8 on pages 1770 to 1779

Authors: Edvaldo Vieira de Campos, Marcelo Park, David Souza Gomez, Marcus Castro Ferreira, Luciano Cesar Pontes Azevedo

Strategies for Increasing Reproductive Efficiency in a Commercial Embryo Transfer Program With High Performance Donor Mares Under Training

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Journal of Equine Veterinary Science volume 54 on pages 93 to 97

Authors: Marcelo R. Pinto, Marcelo H. Miragaya, Patrick Burns, Robert Douglas, Deborah M. Neild

Differing energy densities with laser 670 nm InGaP controls inflammation and collagen reorganization in burns

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Burns volume 43 issue 7 on pages 1524 to 1531

Research funded by Hermínio Omettto Foundation (Araras, São Paulo, Brazil)

Authors: Luis Angelo Ozan Maligieri, Lia Mara Grosso Neves, Driele Talita de Morais, Rayane Ferreira Domingues, Andrea Aparecida de Aro, Edson Rosa Pimentel, Maria Esméria Corezola do Amaral, Marcelo Augusto Marretto Esquisatto, Gláucia Maria Tech dos Santos, Fernanda Aparecida Sampaio Mendonça

Resuscitation of burns and burns plus smoke inhalation injuries

Journal Article published Dec 1990 in Burns volume 16 issue 6 on page 478

Burns depth index and classification of burns casualities

Journal Article published Jun 1993 in Burns volume 19 issue 3 on page 252

Authors: Pramod Dumar