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Definitions of «caste» in social insects

Journal Article published Jul 1992 in Ethology Ecology & Evolution volume 4 issue 3 on pages 213 to 224

Authors: Martin H. Villet

Book Reviews

Journal Article published Jan 1999 in South African Journal of Zoology volume 34 issue 3 on pages 143 to 144

Authors: Robin Cross, Martin H. Villet

Field Guide to Insects of South Africa

Journal Article published Apr 2003 in African Zoology volume 38 issue 1 on pages 189 to 190

Authors: Martin H. Villet

Medical Entomology for Students

Journal Article published Oct 2002 in African Zoology volume 37 issue 2 on pages 260 to 260

Authors: Martin H. Villet

Entomological evidence of misdemeanour

Journal Article published 2014 in South African Journal of Science volume 110 issue 1/2 on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Martin H. Villet

The Utility of Coleoptera in Forensic Investigations

Chapter published 2009 in Current Concepts in Forensic Entomology on pages 57 to 68

Authors: John M. Midgley, Cameron S. Richards, Martin H. Villet

The cicada genusTugelanaDistant 1912 (Homoptera Cicadoidea): systematics and distribution

Journal Article published May 1994 in Tropical Zoology volume 7 issue 1 on pages 87 to 92

Authors: Martin H. Villet

The cicada genusStagean. gen. (Homoptera Tibicinidae): systematics

Journal Article published Nov 1994 in Tropical Zoology volume 7 issue 2 on pages 293 to 297

Authors: Martin H. Villet

The cicada genusStagiraStål 1861 (Homoptera Tibicinidae): systematic revision

Journal Article published Nov 1997 in Tropical Zoology volume 10 issue 2 on pages 347 to 392

Authors: Martin H. Villet

Morphological identification of Lucilia sericata, Lucilia cuprina and their hybrids (Diptera, Calliphoridae)

Journal Article published 25 Jun 2014 in ZooKeys volume 420 on pages 69 to 85

Authors: Kirstin Williams, Martin Villet