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Entomoludology: Usage of insects in video games

Conference Paper published 2016 in 2016 International Congress of Entomology

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Insects in Video Games 

Conference Paper published 2016 in 2016 International Congress of Entomology

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Editorial Misconduct—Definition, Cases, and Causes

Journal Article published 4 Apr 2014 in Publications volume 2 issue 2 on pages 51 to 60

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Figure duplication in a Bombyx mori RNAi study

Journal Article published Jul 2016 in Gene volume 586 issue 2 on page 281

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Ants and the Humans Who Love Them: Bernard Werber's Les Fourmis Trilogy

Journal Article published 2013 in American Entomologist volume 59 issue 4 on pages 208 to 213

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Bergmann's and Allen's Rules in Native European and Mediterranean Phasmatodea

Journal Article published 5 Apr 2017 in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution volume 5

Research funded by Orthopterists' Society

Authors: Matan Shelomi, Dirk Zeuss

Review of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) as Animal Feed and Human Food

Journal Article published 18 Oct 2017 in Foods volume 6 issue 10 on page 91

Authors: Yu-Shiang Wang, Matan Shelomi

Delusional infestation/parasitosis and the law: a review

Journal Article published 11 May 2015 in Psychology, Crime & Law volume 21 issue 8 on pages 747 to 763

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Mad Scientist: The Unique Case of a Published Delusion

Journal Article published 16 Dec 2011 in Science and Engineering Ethics volume 19 issue 2 on pages 381 to 388

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Evidence of Photo Manipulation in a Delusional Parasitosis Paper

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in Journal of Parasitology volume 99 issue 3 on pages 583 to 585

Authors: Matan Shelomi

The meat of affliction: Insects and the future of food as seen in Expo 2015

Journal Article published Oct 2016 in Trends in Food Science & Technology volume 56 on pages 175 to 179

Research funded by Orthopterists' Society's Theodore

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Mad Scientist: Should Traver 1951 Be Retracted and How

Journal Article published 2013 in The International Journal of Science in Society volume 4 issue 1 on pages 111 to 115

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Where Are We Now? Bergmann’s Rule Sensu Lato in Insects

Journal Article published Oct 2012 in The American Naturalist volume 180 issue 4 on pages 511 to 519

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Phasmid Eggs Do Not Survive Digestion by Quails and Chickens

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in Journal of Orthoptera Research volume 20 issue 2 on pages 159 to 162

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Analysis of the gut microbiota of walking sticks (Phasmatodea)

Journal Article published 2013 in BMC Research Notes volume 6 issue 1 on page 368

Authors: Matan Shelomi, Wen-Sui Lo, Lynn S Kimsey, Chih-Horng Kuo

Why we still don't eat insects: Assessing entomophagy promotion through a diffusion of innovations framework

Journal Article published Oct 2015 in Trends in Food Science & Technology volume 45 issue 2 on pages 311 to 318

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Ancestral gene duplication enabled the evolution of multifunctional cellulases in stick insects (Phasmatodea)

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology volume 71 on pages 1 to 11

Research funded by National Science Foundation | University of California, Davis (DBI-1402883) | Max Planck Society (Germany)

Authors: Matan Shelomi, David G. Heckel, Yannick Pauchet

Beetle Queen Conquers TokyoWritten, Directed, & Produced by Jessica Oreck . Released by: Myriapod Productions, 2009. DVD—90 minutes + 6 minutes of extras, English + Japanese with English subtititles. Available from: Myriapod Productions, www: Price: US$20.

Journal Article published Oct 2011 in The Pan-Pacific Entomologist volume 87 issue 4 on pages 300 to 301

Authors: Matan Shelomi

Endogenous cellulase enzymes in the stick insect (Phasmatodea) gut

Journal Article published Jan 2014 in Journal of Insect Physiology volume 60 on pages 25 to 30

Research funded by US National Science Foundation and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (SP11051) | New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (project no. P07015) and the Bio-Oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution

Authors: Matan Shelomi, Hirofumi Watanabe, Gaku Arakawa

Effects of leaf surfaces on first-instar Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) behaviour

Journal Article published Nov 2010 in Australian Journal of Entomology volume 49 issue 4 on pages 289 to 295

Authors: Matan Shelomi, Lynda E Perkins, Bronwen W Cribb, Myron P Zalucki