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Chapter published 2012 in Springer-Lehrbuch on pages 203 to 211

Authors: Meike Shedden Mora, Winfried Rief

Biofeedback bei kraniomandibulären Dysfunktionen

Journal Article published 25 Apr 2010 in Psychotherapeut volume 55 issue 3 on pages 217 to 224

Authors: Meike C. Shedden Mora, Gaby Bleichhardt, Daniel Weber, Andreas Neff, Winfried Rief

Nocturnal masseter muscle activity is related to symptoms and somatization in temporomandibular disorders

Journal Article published Oct 2012 in Journal of Psychosomatic Research volume 73 issue 4 on pages 307 to 312

Authors: Meike Shedden Mora, Daniel Weber, Saskia Borkowski, Winfried Rief

Physicians’ beliefs about placebo and nocebo effects in antidepressants – an online survey among German practitioners

Journal Article published 31 May 2017 in PLOS ONE volume 12 issue 5 on page e0178719

Authors: Lea Kampermann, Yvonne Nestoriuc, Meike C. Shedden-Mora

Editors: Manabu Sakakibara

Patients’ Expectations Regarding Medical Treatment: A Critical Review of Concepts and Their Assessment

Journal Article published 21 Feb 2017 in Frontiers in Psychology volume 8

Authors: Johannes A. C. Laferton, Tobias Kube, Stefan Salzmann, Charlotte J. Auer, Meike C. Shedden-Mora

Patientenerwartungen optimieren: Beschreibung einer präoperativen Kurzintervention am Beispiel von Patienten vor einer Bypass-Operation

Journal Article published 2018 in Verhaltenstherapie volume 28 issue 3 on pages 157 to 165

Authors: Stefan Salzmann, Johannes Laferton, Charlotte Auer, Meike Shedden-Mora, Katrin Wambach, Winfried Rief

Health Care for Persistent Somatic Symptoms Across Europe: A Qualitative Evaluation of the EURONET-SOMA Expert Discussion

Journal Article published 7 Dec 2018 in Frontiers in Psychiatry volume 9

Authors: Sebastian Kohlmann, Bernd Löwe, Meike C. Shedden-Mora

Informing women with breast cancer about endocrine therapy: effects on knowledge and adherence

Journal Article published 21 Jun 2014 in Psycho-Oncology volume 24 issue 2 on pages 130 to 137

Research funded by Philipps-University Marburg (no number available)

Authors: Sarah R. Heisig, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Pia von Blanckenburg, Franziska Schuricht, Winfried Rief, Ute-Susann Albert, Yvonne Nestoriuc

Optimizing preoperative expectations in cardiac surgery patients is moderated by level of disability: the successful development of a brief psychological intervention

Journal Article published 4 Jun 2015 in Psychology, Health & Medicine volume 21 issue 3 on pages 272 to 285

Research funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) (Ri 574/21-1)

Authors: Johannes A.C. Laferton, Charlotte J. Auer, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Rainer Moosdorf, Winfried Rief

Somatoform disorder in primary care: The influence of co-morbidity with anxiety and depression on health care utilization

Journal Article published 2 Mar 2018 in Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice volume 24 issue 4 on pages 892 to 900

Research funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (# 01KQ1002B)

Authors: Paul Hüsing, Bernd Löwe, Katharina Piontek, Meike Shedden-Mora

Welche Erwartungen sagen postoperative Depressivität und Ängstlichkeit bei herzchirurgischen Patienten am stärksten vorher?

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie volume 45 issue 2 on pages 93 to 108

Authors: Charlotte J. Auer, Tobias Kube, Johannes A. C. Laferton, Stefan Salzmann, Meike Shedden-Mora, Winfried Rief, Rainer Moosdorf

What do women with breast cancer expect from their treatment? Correlates of negative treatment expectations about endocrine therapy

Journal Article published 23 Feb 2016 in Psycho-Oncology volume 25 issue 12 on pages 1485 to 1492

Research funded by Deutsche Stiftung für Herzforschung (NE 1635/2-1)

Authors: Sarah R. Heisig, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Pia von Blanckenburg, Winfried Rief, Isabell Witzel, Ute-Susann Albert, Yvonne Nestoriuc

Factors Associated with Disability Expectations in Patients Undergoing Heart Surgery

Journal Article published 4 Sep 2014 in International Journal of Behavioral Medicine volume 22 issue 1 on pages 85 to 91

Authors: Johannes A. C. Laferton, Charlotte J. Auer, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Rainer Moosdorf, Winfried Rief

Expressive Suppression of Emotions and Overeating in Individuals with Overweight and Obesity

Journal Article published 21 Apr 2016 in European Eating Disorders Review volume 24 issue 5 on pages 377 to 382

Authors: Mirja Gianna Görlach, Sebastian Kohlmann, Meike Shedden-Mora, Winfried Rief, Stefan Westermann

Enhancing the efficacy of heart surgery by optimizing patients' preoperative expectations: Study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Journal Article published Jan 2013 in American Heart Journal volume 165 issue 1 on pages 1 to 7

Authors: Johannes A.C. Laferton, Meike Shedden Mora, Charlotte J. Auer, Rainer Moosdorf, Winfried Rief

Psychologische Optimierung von Erwartungen zur Prävention von Nocebo-Nebenwirkungen bei Brustkrebs - 2 Fallberichte

Journal Article published 2015 in Verhaltenstherapie volume 25 issue 3 on pages 219 to 227

Authors: Pia von Blanckenburg, Franziska Schuricht, Sarah R. Heisig, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Sabine Rehahn-Sommer, Ute-Susann Albert, Winfried Rief, Yvonne Nestoriuc

Psychometric analysis of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder scale (GAD-7) in primary care using modern item response theory

Journal Article published 3 Aug 2017 in PLOS ONE volume 12 issue 8 on page e0182162

Research funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (01KQ1002B)

Authors: Pascal Jordan, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Bernd Löwe

Editors: Jacobus P. van Wouwe

Predicting patient reassurance after colonoscopy: The role of illness beliefs

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Journal of Psychosomatic Research volume 114 on pages 58 to 61

Authors: Chiara Gasteiger, Rebekah Sherriff, Alan Fraser, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Keith J. Petrie, Anna S. Serlachius

Optimizing preoperative expectations leads to a shorter length of hospital stay in CABG patients: Further results of the randomized controlled PSY-HEART trial

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Journal of Psychosomatic Research volume 97 on pages 82 to 89

Research funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Ri 574/21-1)

Authors: Charlotte J. Auer, Johannes A.C. Laferton, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Stefan Salzmann, Rainer Moosdorf, Winfried Rief

Diagnosis of somatoform disorders in primary care: diagnostic agreement, predictors, and comaprisons with depression and anxiety

Journal Article published 12 Nov 2018 in BMC Psychiatry volume 18 issue 1

Research funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (01KQ1002B)

Authors: Katharina Piontek, Meike C. Shedden-Mora, Maria Gladigau, Amina Kuby, Bernd Löwe