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A hierarchical model of the development of student understanding of momentum

Journal Article published Jan 1996 in International Journal of Science Education volume 18 issue 1 on pages 75 to 89

Authors: Ted Graham, John Berry

Effect of increased academic momentum on transfer rates: An application of the generalized propensity score

Journal Article published Feb 2011 in Economics of Education Review volume 30 issue 1 on pages 191 to 200

Authors: William R. Doyle

Facilitating Transitions Between and Within Academic Tasks

Journal Article published Sep 2006 in Remedial and Special Education volume 27 issue 5 on pages 312 to 317

Authors: David L. Lee

Snippets of physics

Journal Article published Feb 2008 in Resonance volume 13 issue 2 on pages 108 to 114

Authors: T. Padmanabhan

The history of physics and European physics education

Journal Article published Jul 1996 in Science & Education volume 5 issue 3 on pages 235 to 246

Authors: Fabio Bevilacqua, Enrico Giannetto

Discovering the conservation of momentum through the use of a computer simulation of a one-dimensional elastic collision

Journal Article published Jul 1972 in Science Education volume 56 issue 3 on pages 337 to 344

Authors: John M. Boblick

Obtaining the Electron Angular Momentum Coupling Spectroscopic Terms, jj

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Journal of Chemical Education volume 87 issue 12 on pages 1451 to 1454

Authors: Hugo Orofino, Roberto B. Faria

On the history of national physics in physics teaching

Journal Article published Jul 1996 in Science & Education volume 5 issue 3 on pages 313 to 318

Authors: Juraj Šebesta

Gesture analysis for physics education researchers

Journal Article published 25 Jan 2008 in Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research volume 4 issue 1

Authors: Rachel E. Scherr

Hands on CERN: a well-used physics education project

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2006 in Physics Education volume 41 issue 3 on pages 250 to 254

Authors: K E Johansson