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Minkowski momentum resulting from a vacuum–medium mapping procedure, and a brief review of Minkowski momentum experiments

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Annals of Physics volume 377 on pages 10 to 21

Authors: Iver Brevik

Problems of quantization in the infinite momentum frame

Journal Article published Sep 1980 in Annals of Physics volume 128 issue 2 on pages 425 to 447

Authors: Paul Joseph Steinhardt

Momentum autocorrelation function of a classic diatomic chain

Journal Article published Oct 2016 in Physics Letters A volume 380 issue 43 on pages 3583 to 3587

Authors: Ming B. Yu

Partition functions of thermally dissociating diatomic molecules and related momentum problem

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 687 on pages 227 to 232

Authors: Marcin Buchowiecki

Momentum space topology of QCD

Journal Article published Jun 2018 in Annals of Physics volume 393 on pages 264 to 287

Authors: M.A. Zubkov

Fully consistent phase conventions in angular momentum theory

Journal Article published Apr 1971 in Annals of Physics volume 63 issue 2 on pages 319 to 334

Authors: Michael Danos

Boson theory of angular momentum: Heisenberg ferromagnetism at low temperatures

Journal Article published Jun 1970 in Annals of Physics volume 58 issue 2 on pages 529 to 586

Authors: J.I Davis

On the reversibility of the Meissner effect and the angular momentum puzzle

Journal Article published Oct 2016 in Annals of Physics volume 373 on pages 230 to 244

Authors: J.E. Hirsch

Multiperipheral dynamics at nonvanishing values of momentum transfer

Journal Article published Apr 1970 in Annals of Physics volume 57 issue 2 on pages 500 to 524

Authors: A.H. Mueller, I.J. Muzinich

Kinematics at infinite momentum

Journal Article published May 1968 in Annals of Physics volume 47 issue 3 on pages 407 to 423

Authors: H. Bacry, N.P. Chang