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Low- and high-momentum density functions in many-electron atoms

Journal Article published Aug 2005 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 411 issue 1-3 on pages 243 to 247

Authors: Toshikatsu Koga

Quantitative theory for the lateral momentum distribution after strong-field ionization

Journal Article published Mar 2013 in Chemical Physics volume 414 on pages 69 to 72

Authors: Ingo Dreissigacker, Manfred Lein

Electron momentum spectroscopy of formic acid

Journal Article published May 2009 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 474 issue 1-3 on pages 23 to 27

Authors: K.L. Nixon, W.D. Lawrance, M.J. Brunger

Maclaurin expansion of electron-pair densities in momentum space

Journal Article published Jul 2000 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 325 issue 4 on pages 440 to 446

Authors: Toshikatsu Koga

Molecular size from moments of the momentum density

Journal Article published Aug 2014 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 609 on pages 113 to 116

Authors: Shamus A. Blair, Ajit J. Thakkar

Product of position and momentum Fisher information measures under homogeneous potentials

Journal Article published Sep 2012 in Chemical Physics volume 405 on pages 186 to 188

Authors: Afshan Mohajeri, Mojtaba Alipour

Excitons in semiconductor carbon nanotubes: A momentum-space perspective

Journal Article published Feb 2013 in Chemical Physics volume 413 on pages 20 to 28

Authors: S.V. Goupalov

The relationship between matrix elements of position and momentum in vibronic coupling

Journal Article published 1973 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 19 issue 1 on page 151

A generalized friction model for the evaluation of angular momentum autocorrelation functions

Journal Article published Apr 1977 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 47 issue 1 on page 196

Authors: M. Evans

A new approach to angular momentum constraints in bimolecular reactions

Journal Article published Feb 1986 in Chemical Physics volume 102 issue 1-2 on page 281

Authors: K. Rynefors, S. Nordholm