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Facilitating Transitions Between and Within Academic Tasks

Journal Article published Sep 2006 in Remedial and Special Education volume 27 issue 5 on pages 312 to 317

Authors: David L. Lee

Inertia and momentum

Journal Article published Jul 1963 in Public Health volume 77 issue 5 on pages 259 to 260

A Wave of Momentum for Toxic Algae Study

Journal Article published Apr 2001 in Environmental Health Perspectives volume 109 issue 4 on page A160

Authors: Carla Burgess

A wave of momentum for toxic algae study.

Journal Article published Apr 2001 in Environmental Health Perspectives volume 109 issue 4

Authors: C Burgess

Patient Safety: Maintaining the Momentum

Journal Article published May 2002 in Journal For Healthcare Quality volume 24 issue 3 on page 2

Authors: Pamela K. Scarrow

Generating and Maintaining Momentum in Post-Authorisation Studies

Journal Article published Nov 2013 in Value in Health volume 16 issue 7 on page A612

Authors: A. Vinken, Y. Lis, G. Coward

Associations of the infancy body mass index peak with anthropometry and cardiometabolic risk in Mexican adolescents

Journal Article published 4 Jul 2018 in Annals of Human Biology volume 45 issue 5 on pages 386 to 394

Research funded by University of Michigan Momentum Center (NIH P01ES022844, R01ES024732, US EPA RD83543601) | National Institute of Public Health/Ministry of Health of Mexico

Authors: Wei Perng, Jonggyu Baek, Christina W. Zhou, Alejandra Cantoral, Maria Martha Tellez-Rojo, Peter X. K. Song, Karen E. Peterson

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day: sustaining the momentum

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Journal of the International AIDS Society volume 19 issue 1 on page 21202

Authors: Kathleen M MacQueen, Mitchell Warren

Active communities for youth and families: Using research to create momentum for change

Journal Article published Jan 2010 in Preventive Medicine volume 50 on pages S3 to S5

Authors: Sarah M. Lee, James F. Sallis, Stuart J.H. Biddle

New field report shows ISO 14001 gaining momentum: Acceptance of environmental management system standard parallels ISO 9000

Journal Article published 1998 in Environmental Quality Management volume 8 issue 2 on pages 65 to 68

Authors: Suzan L. Jackson

Care Continuum Alliance Carries 2011 Advocacy Momentum into 2012

Journal Article published Apr 2012 in Population Health Management volume 15 issue 2 on pages 125 to 126

Authors: Victoria Ingenito

A Change in the Air: Smoking Bans Gain Momentum Worldwide

Journal Article published Aug 2007 in Environmental Health Perspectives volume 115 issue 8

Authors: Charles W. Schmidt

Rehabilitation in momentum of Norwegian coordination reform: From practices of discipline to disciplinary practices

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Alter volume 11 issue 3 on pages 193 to 207

Authors: Anne-Stine Bergquist Røberg, Helle Ploug Hansen, Marte Feiring, Grace Inga Romsland

The global momentum for smokefree public places: best practice in current and forthcoming smokefree policies

Journal Article published 2008 in Salud Pública de México volume 50 on pages s299 to s308

Authors: G Griffith, C Welch, A Cardone, A Valdemoro, C Jo


Journal Article published 11 Dec 2018 in Radiation Protection Dosimetry

Research funded by Euratom Seventh Framework Programme (249689, 662287)

Authors: Andrea Ottolenghi, Klaus Trott, Giorgio Baiocco, Vere Smyth

Holistic education: A new paradigm for nutrition education

Journal Article published Aug 1986 in Journal of Nutrition Education volume 18 issue 4 on pages 151 to 155

Authors: Wolf J. Rinke

Nutrition education is survival education

Journal Article published Jul 1974 in Journal of Nutrition Education volume 6 issue 3 on page 84

Authors: Helen D. Ullrich

Nutrition education for elementary education majors

Journal Article published Sep 1971 in Journal of Nutrition Education volume 3 issue 2 on page 73

Authors: Helen C. Brittin

Death Education within Health Education: An Update

Journal Article published Jun 1990 in Health Education volume 21 issue 3 on pages 44 to 48

Authors: Darrell Crase, Michael Hamrick

Sex Education and Health Education the Evolution of a Graduate Program

Journal Article published Sep 1985 in Health Education volume 16 issue 4 on pages 7 to 10

Authors: Marian V. Hamburg