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Field theory at infinite momentum

Chapter published in Lecture Notes in Physics on pages 174 to 195

Authors: Ralph Roskies

Notes on the quantum theory of angular momentum

Journal Article published Jan 1956 in Nuclear Physics volume 1 issue 2 on page 134

Angular momentum effects in neutron evaporation

Journal Article published Apr 1964 in Nuclear Physics volume 53 on pages 577 to 592

Authors: T.Darrah Thomas

Supersymmetry and electron angular momentum

Chapter published in Lecture Notes in Physics on pages 410 to 413

Authors: V.V. Semenov

Position and momentum

Chapter published in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics on pages 293 to 316

Angular momentum

Chapter published in An Introduction to Nuclear Physics on pages 230 to 235

Authors: W. N. Cottingham, D. A. Greenwood

Quantum states with Space-like energy-momentum

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2006 in Open Physics volume 4 issue 3

Authors: Dan Solomon


Chapter published 1991 in Elements of Physics on pages 103 to 123

Authors: Marcel Wellner

Eigenstates of angular momentum in quantum mechanics

Chapter published in Groups, Representations and Physics

The Average Value of the Momentum

Chapter published 2010 in Modern Physics on pages 433 to 434