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Open Access publishing in physics gains momentum

Journal Article published 2006 in Physics Today

Angular momentum

Journal Article published Dec 1969 in Nuclear Physics A volume 139 issue 3 on page 698

Standard Treatment of Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics

Chapter published in Angular Momentum in Quantum Physics on pages 29 to 179

Authors: L. C. Biedenharn, James D. Louck, Peter A. Carruthers

Force, torque, linear momentum, and angular momentum in classical electrodynamics

Journal Article published 19 Sep 2017 in Applied Physics A volume 123 issue 10

Authors: Masud Mansuripur

Momentum and pseudo-momentum: I. classical pseudo-momentum and wave pressure

Journal Article published 1 Mar 1992 in European Journal of Physics volume 13 issue 2 on pages 82 to 87

Authors: A B Pippard

"Keeping up the Momentum"

Dataset published 2005 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: US Department of Education

Behavioral Momentum

Entry published 15 Jul 2008 in Encyclopedia of Special Education

Authors: Rollen C. Fowler

After Enterprise in Higher Education – holding the ground or sustaining the momentum

Journal Article published Dec 1995 in Education + Training volume 37 issue 9 on pages 31 to 37

Authors: Peter Newby

Electromagnetic momentum and the energy–momentum tensor in a linear medium with magnetic and dielectric properties

Journal Article published Apr 2014 in Journal of Mathematical Physics volume 55 issue 4 on page 042901

Authors: Michael E. Crenshaw

Energy-momentum and angular-momentum in ISO(1,2) Chern-Simons gravity

Journal Article published Oct 1997 in Physics Letters B volume 411 issue 3-4 on pages 256 to 260

Authors: Sze-Shiang Feng, Xi-Jun Qiu