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Chapter published 1981 in Advanced Physics on pages 123 to 129

Authors: S. M. Geddes


Chapter published 1975 in Elements of Classical Physics on pages 155 to 162


Angular Momentum

Chapter published in A Student's Guide to Atomic Physics on pages 84 to 105

Momentum eigenfunctions in the complex momentum plane. V. Analytic behavior of the Schrödinger equation in the complex momentum plane. The Yukawa potential

Journal Article published 15 Jan 1985 in The Journal of Chemical Physics volume 82 issue 2 on pages 827 to 840

Authors: Edwin N. Lassettre

Relativistic properties of a molecule: energy, linear momentum, angular momentum and boost momentum to order 1/c 2

Journal Article published 30 Apr 2018 in Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics volume 51 issue 10 on page 105101

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M004694/1) | Leverhulme Trust (RPG-2017-048)

Authors: Robert P Cameron, J P Cotter

Physics at enormous momentum transfers: An interpretation of the CERN ISR results

Journal Article published Sep 1973 in Nuclear Physics B volume 61 on pages 245 to 252

Authors: John Harte


Journal Article published Jan 1964 in The Physics Teacher volume 2 issue 1 on pages 33 to 33

Authors: Marvin Ohriner

Problems of angular momentum projection in nuclear physics

Journal Article published May 1977 in Nuclear Physics A volume 281 issue 3 on pages 475 to 485

Authors: Raymond A. Sorensen

Universality of transverse momentum distributions in high energy physics

Journal Article published Nov 1964 in Physics Letters volume 13 issue 2 on pages 190 to 192

Authors: J. Orear

Taking Advantage of the “Big Mo”—Momentum in Everyday English and Swedish and in Physics Teaching

Journal Article published 8 Aug 2014 in Research in Science Education volume 45 issue 3 on pages 345 to 365

Authors: Jesper Haglund, Fredrik Jeppsson, Lars Ahrenberg

Pengembangan Modul Pembelajaran Fisika Berbasis Problem Based Learning (PBL) pada Materi Gelombang Bunyi untuk Siswa SMA Kelas XII

Journal Article published 31 Mar 2017 in Momentum: Physics Education Journal volume 1 issue 1 on page 56

Authors: Tri Anita Nur Hasanah, Choirul Huda, Maris Kurniawati

Pengembangan Modul IPA/Fisika Terpadu Berbasis Scaffolding pada Tema Gerak Untuk Siswa Kelas VIII SMP/MTs

Journal Article published 31 Mar 2017 in Momentum: Physics Education Journal volume 1 issue 1 on page 31

Authors: Jumaidin Budaeng, Hena Dian Ayu, Hestiningtyas Yuli Pratiwi

Electron-Momentum Spectroscopy and the Measurement of Orbitals: Interesting Results for Chemists from the American Journal of Physics

Journal Article published Feb 1999 in Journal of Chemical Education volume 76 issue 2 on page 156

Authors: Frank Rioux

A practical example aiding understanding momentum in 1D: the water gun experiment

Journal Article published 14 Aug 2007 in Physics Education volume 42 issue 5 on pages 492 to 495

Authors: Katarin MacLeod

Demonstrating the conservation of angular momentum using model cars moving along a rotating rod

Journal Article published 14 Dec 2012 in Physics Education volume 48 issue 1 on pages 42 to 50

Authors: Wathiq Abdul-Razzaq, Leonardo Golubović

Student difficulties with quantum states while translating state vectors in Dirac notation to wave functions in position and momentum representations

Conference Paper published 18 Dec 2015 in 2015 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings

Authors: Emily Marshman, Chandralekha Singh

The effects of web-based instruction in Physics entitle momentum using collaborative learning by Google application to enhance problem solving skills for Grade XI students

Conference Paper published 1 Apr 2014 in Information and Communication Technology for Education

Authors: Tawee Sranamkam

Improving student understanding of addition of angular momentum in quantum mechanics

Journal Article published 7 Jan 2013 in Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research volume 9 issue 1

Research funded by National Science Foundation

Authors: Guangtian Zhu, Chandralekha Singh

Investigating students’ mental models about the quantization of light, energy, and angular momentum

Journal Article published 18 Nov 2014 in Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research volume 10 issue 2

Authors: Nilüfer Didiş, Ali Eryılmaz, Şakir Erkoç

Analysis of Undergraduate Physics Student’s Perception of Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics at the University of Zambia

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2018 in Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science volume 25 issue 4 on pages 1 to 17

Authors: Fungamwango Mwansa, Phillippe Kabwita