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Collective energies from momentum- and angular momentum-projected determinantal wavefunctions

Journal Article published Apr 1971 in Annals of Physics volume 63 issue 2 on pages 443 to 458

Authors: Felix Villars, Nancy Schmeing-Rogerson

Energy, momentum and angular momentum radiation from chiral cosmic string loops

Journal Article published Nov 2002 in Nuclear Physics B volume 645 issue 1-2 on pages 134 to 154

Authors: E. Babichev, V. Dokuchaev

Hidden mechanical momentum and the field momentum in stationary electromagnetic and gravitational systems

Journal Article published Jun 1997 in American Journal of Physics volume 65 issue 6 on pages 515 to 518

Authors: V. Hnizdo

Localized molecular orbital studies in momentum space. II. Correspondence between coordinate and momentum space properties of various electron pairs

Journal Article published Nov 1974 in Chemical Physics volume 6 issue 2 on pages 282 to 290

Authors: M.H. Whangbo, Vedene H. Smith, Wolfgang Von Niessen

Analysis of atomic electron momentum densities: Use of information entropies in coordinate and momentum space

Journal Article published Jun 1985 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 117 issue 2 on pages 138 to 142

Authors: Shridhar R. Gadre, Rajeev D. Bendale, Shridhar P. Gejji

Relation between momentum and angular momentum correlation times. analysis of the uncorrelated successive binary-collision approximation

Journal Article published Feb 1984 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 104 issue 5 on pages 444 to 447

Authors: N.V. Brilliantov, O.P. Revokatov

The spectral momentum density of aluminum measured by electron momentum spectroscopy

Journal Article published Dec 2001 in Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids volume 62 issue 12 on pages 2215 to 2221

Authors: M Vos, A.S Kheifets, E Weigold

Momentum, quasi-momentum and hamiltonian operators in terms of arbitrary curvilinear coordinates, with special emphasis on molecular hamiltonians

Journal Article published 20 Aug 1985 in Molecular Physics volume 55 issue 6 on pages 1287 to 1318

Authors: André Nauts, Xavier Chapuisat

Consequences of momentum conservation for particle production at large transverse momentum

Journal Article published Aug 1977 in Journal of Physics G: Nuclear Physics volume 3 issue 8 on pages L151 to L156

Authors: C Michael, L Vanryckeghem

On the asymptotic theory of momentum/zero-momentum wakes

Journal Article published Jan 2003 in Physics Letters A volume 307 issue 2-3 on pages 148 to 153

Authors: S.A. Smirnov, S.I. Voropayev