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Momentum, quasi-momentum and hamiltonian operators in terms of arbitrary curvilinear coordinates, with special emphasis on molecular hamiltonians

Journal Article published 20 Aug 1985 in Molecular Physics volume 55 issue 6 on pages 1287 to 1318

Authors: André Nauts, Xavier Chapuisat

Keeping up the momentum: Improving continuity

Journal Article published Oct 1993 in Education 3-13 volume 21 issue 3 on pages 46 to 50

Authors: L.P. Jones, Lesley Jones


Journal Article published Sep 1988 in Jewish Education volume 56 issue 3 on pages 24 to 28

Authors: Ephraim Buchwald

Electron momentum spectroscopy of solid surfaces

Journal Article published Nov 1994 in Contemporary Physics volume 35 issue 6 on pages 377 to 384

Authors: I. E. McCarthy, E. Weigold

Angular momentum — an experiment to illustrate its conservation

Journal Article published Jan 1967 in Contemporary Physics volume 8 issue 1 on pages 87 to 93

Authors: W. C. A. Hutchinson

Compton scattering and electron momentum

Journal Article published Sep 1977 in Contemporary Physics volume 18 issue 5 on pages 489 to 517

Authors: Malcolm J. Cooper

Traces of products of angular momentum operators

Journal Article published Jan 1971 in Molecular Physics volume 22 issue 5 on pages 869 to 879

Authors: W. Witschel

Ion diffusion and momentum correlation functions in dilute electrolytes

Journal Article published Oct 1973 in Molecular Physics volume 26 issue 4 on pages 953 to 957

Authors: S. Harris

The effect of vibrational motion on wavefunctions in momentum space

Journal Article published Mar 1972 in Molecular Physics volume 23 issue 3 on pages 571 to 579

Authors: M.W. Thomas

Angular momentum dependence of unimolecular decay in a triatomic system

Journal Article published Nov 1987 in Molecular Physics volume 62 issue 4 on pages 1009 to 1017

Authors: Ch.G. Schlier