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Chapter published 1976 in Physics in the Modern World on pages 87 to 107

Authors: Jerry B. Marion

Momentum, Angular Momentum, and Energy

Chapter published 31 Mar 2015 in Physics Curiosities, Oddities, and Novelties on pages 39 to 76

Linear Momentum, Torque, and Angular Momentum

Chapter published 1976 in Physics in the Modern World on pages 37 to 48

Authors: Jerry B. Marion

Experimental Determination of Momentum Distributions in Nuclear Physics

Chapter published 1989 in Momentum Distributions on pages 319 to 330

Authors: Donal Day

Angular Momentum Coupling

Chapter published 1973 in Nuclear Physics on pages 410 to 411

Angular momentum

Chapter published in Quantum Physics on pages 307 to 357

Authors: Michel Le Bellac

The Angular Momentum Operators

Chapter published 2015 in Modern Physics on pages e19 to e24

Angular Momentum

Chapter published in Topics in Atomic Physics on pages 14 to 45

Standard Treatment of Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics

Chapter published in Angular Momentum in Quantum Physics on pages 29 to 179

Authors: L. C. Biedenharn, James D. Louck, Peter A. Carruthers

Field theory at infinite momentum

Chapter published in Lecture Notes in Physics on pages 174 to 195

Authors: Ralph Roskies