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Students' Conceptual Knowledge of Energy and Momentum

Conference Paper published 26 Jul 2001 in 2001 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings

Authors: Chandralekha Singh, David Rosengrant

Physics at high transverse momentum

Conference Paper published 1975 in AIP Conference Proceedings

Authors: Leon M. Lederman

Development and validation of a sequence of clicker questions for helping students learn addition of angular momentum in quantum mechanics

Conference Paper published 21 Jan 2019 in 2018 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings

Authors: Paul Justice, Emily Marshman, Chandralekha Singh

Student difficulties with quantum states while translating state vectors in Dirac notation to wave functions in position and momentum representations

Conference Paper published 18 Dec 2015 in 2015 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings

Authors: Emily Marshman, Chandralekha Singh

The effects of web-based instruction in Physics entitle momentum using collaborative learning by Google application to enhance problem solving skills for Grade XI students

Conference Paper published 1 Apr 2014 in Information and Communication Technology for Education

Authors: Tawee Sranamkam

High transverse momentum physics in heavy ion collisions

Conference Paper published 24 Apr 2007 in Proceedings of International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics — PoS(HEP2005)

Authors: Nestor Armesto Perez

Low Momentum Particle Detector at the NA61/SHINE Experiment

Conference Paper published 18 Jun 2014 in Astroparticle, Particle, Space Physics and Detectors for Physics Applications

Authors: K. Marton


Conference Paper published Apr 2008 in Physics of Unstable Nuclei


Investigation of Linear Momentum and Impulse Using Video Analysis

Conference Paper published 2018 in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education Innovation (ICEI 2017)

Authors: Liya Kholida, Fourier Latief

Orbital Angular Momentum of Light in Optics Instruction

Conference Paper published 2007 in Education and Training in Optics and Photonics

Authors: Enrique J. Galvez, Nikolay Zhelev