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Fundamentally, Momentum is Fundamental Momentum

Report published Feb 2015

Authors: Robert Novy-Marx

Momentum Crashes

Report published Aug 2014

Authors: Kent Daniel, Tobias Moskowitz

Debuncher Momentum Aperture Measurements

Report published 1 Jan 1991

Authors: S. O'Day

Monetary Momentum

Report published Jun 2018

Authors: Andreas Neuhierl, Michael Weber


Report published 26 Jan 1952

Authors: J. Schwinger

Transverse momentum structures of charged particle final states from proton-proton collisions with a charged trigger particle of large transverse momentum

Report published 1 Jan 1982

Authors: T. Akesson, M.G. Albrow, S. Almehed

Momentum Strategies

Report published Dec 1995

Authors: Louis K. Chan, Narasimhan Jegadeesh, Josef Lakonishok

Momentum errors in an RF separated beam

Report published 19 Sep 2002

Authors: T. Kobilarcik

Momentum in Imperial Russia

Report published Nov 2015

Authors: William Goetzmann, Simon Huang

The Relativistic Center of Momentum

Report published 2012

Authors: Abraham Ungar

High transverse momentum at Isabelle

Report published 1 Feb 1974

Authors: L.M. Lederman

High momentum dispersion-low beta matched insertion.

Report published 1 Jan 1972

Authors: M. Month

ICF with momentum-rich beams

Report published 1 Oct 1982

Authors: A.W. Maschke

Linac momentum spread--a crude measurement

Report published 9 Jun 1983

Authors: Ahrens L.

Variation of Booster Tunes with Momentum (Addendum)

Report published 1 Mar 1971

Authors: T. Toohig

Momentum Painting in SNS Accumulator Ring

Report published 25 Aug 2003

Authors: M. Blaskiewicz

Simple High Momentum Neutrino Beams

Report published 1 Apr 1968

Authors: A. Roberts

Variation of Booster Tunes with Momentum (Addendum)

Report published 28 Jan 1970

Authors: S. Snowdon

Variation of booster tunes with momentum

Report published 1 Oct 1969

Authors: S. Snowdon

Momentum Collimation at Q9

Report published 1 Nov 1995

Authors: S. Peggs, G. F. Dell