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Hidden momentum, field momentum, and electromagnetic impulse

Journal Article published Sep 2009 in American Journal of Physics volume 77 issue 9 on pages 826 to 833

Authors: David Babson, Stephen P. Reynolds, Robin Bjorkquist, David J. Griffiths

Angular Momentum

Chapter published 2009 in Compendium of Quantum Physics on pages 10 to 10


Journal Article published Jan 2009 in The Physics Teacher volume 47 issue 1 on pages 6 to 6

Authors: Paul Hewitt

Estimation of shear viscosity based on transverse momentum correlations

Journal Article published Nov 2009 in Nuclear Physics A volume 830 issue 1-4 on pages 813c to 816c

Authors: Monika Sharma

Borel resummation of transverse momentum distributions

Journal Article published Feb 2009 in Nuclear Physics B volume 808 issue 1-2 on pages 347 to 363

Authors: Marco Bonvini, Stefano Forte, Giovanni Ridolfi

Electron momentum spectroscopy of formic acid

Journal Article published May 2009 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 474 issue 1-3 on pages 23 to 27

Authors: K.L. Nixon, W.D. Lawrance, M.J. Brunger

Age–momentum correlation measurements of positron annihilation in water: Possibility of quantum beats on ortho-positronium reactions

Journal Article published Sep 2009 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 480 issue 1-3 on pages 132 to 135

Research funded by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (18550084) | Inter-University Program for the Joint Use of JAEA Facilities

Authors: Tetsuya Hirade

Effect of the cluster angular momentum J and the projectile orbital momentum L on capture probability and postcollision dynamics

Journal Article published 28 Sep 2009 in The Journal of Chemical Physics volume 131 issue 12 on page 124309

Authors: Massimo Mella

Electron Momentum Distributions for 4a1 Orbitals of CFxCl4x in Low Momentum Region: a Possible Evidence of Molecular Geometry Distortion

Journal Article published Dec 2009 in Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics volume 22 issue 6 on pages 642 to 648

Authors: Xu Shan, Chun-kai Xu, Xiao-feng Yin, Li-xia Zhou, Ke-zun Xu, Xiang-jun Chen

On the energy and momentum of electromagnetic fields

Journal Article published Feb 2009 in Technical Physics Letters volume 35 issue 2 on pages 141 to 143

Authors: I. P. Krasnov