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Chapter published 2012 in Encyclopedia of Caves on pages 54 to 62

Authors: Oana Teodora Moldovan

Scouting Influence Upon The Young Pupil’s Integration Within Formal Educational Contexts

Conference Paper published 28 Jun 2018

Authors: Veronica Oana Moldovan

The Influence of Scouting Activities upon the Behaviour of the Young Pupil

Conference Paper published 22 Dec 2016

Authors: Veronica - Oana Moldovan, Musata-Dacia Bocos-Bintintan

One step forward for subterranean biology

Journal Article published 29 Apr 2013 in Subterranean Biology volume 11 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: Oana Moldovan

Journal Article published 2000 in Biodiversity and Conservation volume 9 issue 8 on pages 1187 to 1198

Authors: Viorel Soran, Jozsef Biro, Oana Moldovan, Aurel Ardelean

The impact of hostʼs genetic susceptibility on Helicobacter pylori infection in children

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Medicine volume 96 issue 30 on page e7612

Authors: Maria Oana Mărginean, Cristina Oana Mărginean, Lorena Elena Meliţ, Septimiu Voidăzan, Valeriu Moldovan, Claudia Bănescu

Magnesium substitution effect on porous scaffolds for bone repair

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2011 in Open Life Sciences volume 6 issue 3

Authors: Oana Craciunescu, Christu Tardei, Lucia Moldovan, Otilia Zarnescu

Theory of graphene-field effect transistors

Conference Paper published Mar 2012 in 2012 13th International Conference on Ultimate Integration on Silicon (ULIS)

Authors: David Jimenez, Oana Moldovan

Current-voltage characteristics of graphene based devices

Conference Paper published Feb 2011 in Proceedings of the 8th Spanish Conference on Electron Devices, CDE'2011

Authors: Oana Moldovan, David Jimenez

Historical Biogeography of Subterranean Beetles – “Plato’s Cave” or Scientific Evidence?

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2007 in Acta Carsologica volume 36 issue 1

Authors: Oana Teodora Moldovan, Géza Rajka