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Theodorus II Ducas Lascaris. Opuscula rhetorica. Ed. A. TARTAGLIA

Journal Article published Jan 2002 in Byzantinische Zeitschrift volume 95 issue 1

Authors: Claudio Bevegni

Libri Et Opuscula a Philologis Batavis Composita

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1962 in Mnemosyne volume 15 issue 1 on pages 459 to 461

Notes On the Tria Opuscula of Proclus

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1962 in Mnemosyne volume 15 issue 1 on pages 159 to 168

Authors: L.G. Westerink

Opuscula: Ein Sammelband

Journal Article published 1953 in Renascence volume 5 issue 2 on pages 155 to 157

Authors: Kurt F. Reinhardt, Marquette University Press

12. Zu den opuscula Porphyriana des Boethius

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1894 in Philologus volume 52 issue 1-4

Authors: G. Schepss

Fronto’s Opuscula A. Peri: M. Cornelii Frontonis Opuscula I: Arion—De feriis Alsiensibus. Edizione critica e commento. Pp. xxviii + 172. Cassino: Università degli Studi di Cassino, 2004. Paper. ISBN: 88-8317-022-9.

Journal Article published Oct 2005 in The Classical Review volume 55 issue 02 on page 554

Authors: Leofranc Holford-Strevens

De Artibus Opuscula XL: Essays in Honor of Erwin Panofsky. Millard Meiss

Journal Article published Jan 1962 in Speculum volume 37 issue 1 on pages 145 to 146

Three Unprinted Opuscula of John Wyclif

Journal Article published Apr 1928 in Speculum volume 3 issue 2 on pages 248 to 253

Authors: S. Harrison Thomson

Some Alleged Relationships in Lucian's Opuscula

Journal Article published 1976 in The American Journal of Philology volume 97 issue 3 on page 262

Authors: Graham Anderson


Journal Article published 1958 in The Journal of Roman Studies volume 48 issue 1/2 on page 228

Authors: Peter Stein, Plinio Fraccaro