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Occurrence of the White Shark along the Brazilian Coast

Chapter published 1996 in Great White Sharks on pages 347 to 350


Peixes Costa Brasileira

Journal Article published 18 Aug 1993 in Copeia volume 1993 issue 3 on page 902

Authors: Ricardo S. Rosa, Otto B. F. Gadig, Alfredo Carvalho Filho

Egg capsules of the little skate, Psammobatis extenta (Garman, 1913) (Chondrichthyes, Rajidae)

Journal Article published Sep 2010 in Brazilian Journal of Oceanography volume 58 issue 3 on pages 251 to 254

Authors: Fernanda Rocha, Maria Cristina Oddone, Otto B. F Gadig

The spiny dogfish (Squalus cubensis/megalops group): The envenoming of a fisherman, with taxonomic and toxinological comments on the Squalus genus

Journal Article published Dec 2005 in Toxicon volume 46 issue 7 on pages 828 to 830

Authors: Vidal Haddad, Otto Bismarck Fazzano Gadig

Conhecimento da diversidade dos Chondrichthyes marinhos no Brasil: a contribuição de José Lima de Figueiredo

Journal Article published 25 Nov 2014 in Arquivos de Zoologia volume 45 issue esp on page 89

Authors: Ricardo S. Rosa, Otto Bismarck Fazzano Gadig

Record of the goblin shark Mitsukurina owstoni (Chondrichthyes: Lamniformes: Mitsukurinidae) from the south-western Atlantic

Journal Article published May 2012 in Marine Biodiversity Records volume 5

Authors: Getulio Rincon, Teodoro Vaske, Otto B.F. Gadig

In Reply to Shark Attacks and Shark Diving

Journal Article published Jun 2015 in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine volume 26 issue 2 on pages 277 to 278

Authors: João Pedro Barreiros, Otto B.F. Gadig, Vidal Haddad

Abnormal embryos of sharpnose sharks, Rhizoprionodon porosus and Rhizoprionodon lalandii (Elasmobranchii: Carcharhinidae), from Brazilian coast, western South Atlantic

Journal Article published 2014 in Marine Biodiversity Records volume 7

Authors: Camila Mayumi Hirata dos Santos, Otto Bismarck Fazzano Gadig

Necrophagy of a nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) by tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier)

Journal Article published 11 Sep 2015 in Universitas Scientiarum volume 20 issue 3 on page 313

Authors: Danilo P Rada, George H Burgess, Ricardo S Rosa, Otto F Gadig

Annelida, Hirudinida, Stibarobdella moorei (Oka, 1910): new distribution and host records

Journal Article published 1 May 2011 in Check List volume 7 issue 3 on page 360

Authors: Alison Carlos Wunderlich, Otto Bismarck Fazzano Gadig, Teodoro Vaske Júnior, Marcelo Antonio Amaro Pinheiro