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Journal Article published Dec 2009 in Urology volume 74 issue 6 on page 1263

Authors: Dario Fontana, Paolo Destefanis

Macromolecular Biorecognition

Book published 1987

Editors: Irwin Chaiken, Emilia Chiancone, Angelo Fontana, Paolo Neri

Orthopteroid insects: A perfect group to investigate ecology, conservation, and biogeography

Conference Paper published 2016 in 2016 International Congress of Entomology

Authors: Paolo Fontana

Rings, Polynomials, and Modules

Book published 2017

Editors: Marco Fontana, Sophie Frisch, Sarah Glaz, Francesca Tartarone, Paolo Zanardo

Kinetics of the interaction of myelin basic protein with phospholipid layers

Journal Article published Apr 1999 in Chemical Physics Letters volume 304 issue 3-4 on pages 197 to 201

Authors: Paolo Facci, Paolo Cavatorta, Luigi Cristofolini, M.P. Fontana, Paolo Riccio

Alcohol consumption and risk of leukemia: A multicenter case–control study

Journal Article published Mar 2007 in Leukemia Research volume 31 issue 3 on pages 379 to 386

Authors: Giuseppe Gorini, Emanuele Stagnaro, Vincenzo Fontana, Lucia Miligi, Valerio Ramazzotti, Oriana Nanni, Stefania Rodella, Rosario Tumino, Paolo Crosignani, Carla Vindigni, Arabella Fontana, Paolo Vineis, Adele Seniori Costantini

A strategy to reduce technical variability and bias in RNA sequencing data

Journal Article published 9 Nov 2012 in EMBnet.journal volume 18 issue B on page 65

Authors: Francesca Finotello, Enrico Lavezzo, Luisa Barzon, Paolo Mazzon, Paolo Fontana, Stefano Toppo, Barbara Di Camillo

A validation tool for traffic signs recognition systems

Conference Paper published Oct 2009 in 2009 12th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Authors: Daniele Marenco, Davide Fontana, Guido Ghisio, Gianluca Monchiero, Elena Cardarelli, Paolo Medici, Pier Paolo Porta VisLab

A Knowledge-Based Query System for Biological Databases

Chapter published 2002 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 86 to 99

Authors: Paolo Bresciani, Paolo Fontana

Orientation induced brittle – Ductile transition in a polyethylene/polyamide 6 blend

Journal Article published Jun 2014 in Polymer Testing volume 36 on pages 20 to 23

Authors: Francesco Paolo La Mantia, Paolo Fontana, Marco Morreale, Maria Chiara Mistretta