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Jellyfish Identification Software for Underwater Laser Cameras (JTRACK)

Journal Article published 28 Feb 2018 in Research Ideas and Outcomes volume 4 on page e24716

Authors: Patrizio Mariani

Figure 1 from: Mariani P (2018) Jellyfish Identification Software for Underwater Laser Cameras (JTRACK). Research Ideas and Outcomes 4: e24716.

Component published 28 Feb 2018

Authors: Patrizio Mariani

The migration game in habitat network: the case of tuna

Posted Content published 10 Jun 2015

Authors: Patrizio Mariani, Vlastimil Krivan, Brian R MacKenzie, Christian Mullon

Optimization and emergence in marine ecosystem models

Journal Article published Jan 2010 in Progress in Oceanography volume 84 issue 1-2 on pages 89 to 92

Authors: Patrizio Mariani, André W. Visser

Central Giant Cell Granuloma of the Jaws

Journal Article published Mar 2010 in Journal of Craniofacial Surgery volume 21 issue 2 on pages 383 to 386

Authors: Gianluca Nicolai, Bruno Lorè, Giulio Mariani, Patrizio Bollero, Leonardo De Marinis, Leonardo Calabrese

Boom and Bust: Life History, Environmental Noise, and the (un)Predictability of Jellyfish Blooms

Journal Article published 31 Jul 2018 in Frontiers in Marine Science volume 5

Research funded by Villum Fonden

Authors: Nicolas A. Schnedler-Meyer, Thomas Kiørboe, Patrizio Mariani

Monitoring and Ming Bio-Physical Parameters for Hypoxia Hazard in a Coastal Sand Pit

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2018 in Sustainability volume 10 issue 3 on page 785

Authors: Patrizio Mariani, Guido Benassai, Luisa Grieco, Claus Stenberg, Josianne Støttrup

Trophic impact of Atlantic bluefin tuna migrations in the North Sea

Journal Article published 5 Apr 2017 in ICES Journal of Marine Science volume 74 issue 6 on pages 1552 to 1560

Authors: Patrizio Mariani, Ken H. Andersen, Martin Lindegren, Brian R. MacKenzie

Sustainable use of marine resources through offshore wind and mussel farm co-location

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Ecological Modelling volume 367 on pages 34 to 41

Authors: Giacomo R. Di Tullio, Patrizio Mariani, Guido Benassai, Diana Di Luccio, Luisa Grieco

Spawning of Bluefin Tuna in the Black Sea: Historical Evidence, Environmental Constraints and Population Plasticity

Journal Article published 24 Jul 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 7 on page e39998

Authors: Brian R. MacKenzie, Patrizio Mariani

Editors: Steven J. Bograd