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Karyotype of European Mudminnow, Umbra krameri

Journal Article published 29 Dec 1981 in Copeia volume 1981 issue 4 on page 911

Authors: Petr Ráb, Petr Rab

Journal Article published 1999 in Genetica volume 105 issue 3 on pages 301 to 303

Authors: Maria João Collares-Pereira, Petr Ráb

Chromosome Studies of The Common Carp,Cyprinus Carpio.I. Karyotype of Amurian Carp,C. Carpio Haematopterus

Journal Article published Jan 1989 in Caryologia volume 42 issue 1 on pages 27 to 36

Authors: Petr Ráb, Josef Pokorný, Petr Roth

Chromosome evolution in the Salmonidae (Pisces): an update

Journal Article published 11 Jan 2007 in Biological Reviews volume 76 issue 1 on pages 1 to 25


Genetics of Salmonids in Czechoslovakia: Current Status of Knowledge

Chapter published 1993 in Genetic Conservation of Salmonid Fishes on pages 231 to 242

Authors: Martin Flajshans, Petr Rab, Ladislav Kalal

An Approach for Automated Network-Wide Security Analysis

Conference Paper published Apr 2010 in 2010 Ninth International Conference on Networks

Authors: Miroslav Sveda, Ondrej Rysavy, Petr Matousek, Jaroslav Rab

Spontaneous Triploidy in the Stone Loach Noemacheilus barbatulus (Balitoridae)

Journal Article published 3 May 1995 in Copeia volume 1995 issue 2 on page 483

Authors: Maria J. Collares-Pereira, Jose M. Madeira, Petr Rab

Note on the karyotype and NOR phenotype of leuciscine fish Acanthobrama marmid (Osteichthyes, Cyprinidae)

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2006 in Biologia volume 61 issue 2

Authors: Muhammet Gaffaroglu, Esref Yuksel, Petr Ráb

Journal Article published 2000 in Chromosome Research volume 8 issue 5 on pages 455 to 455

Authors: Malgorzata Jankun, Paulino Martinez, Belen G. Pardo, Petr Rab, Maria Rabova, Laura Sanchez

Chromosome study of Oncorhynchus mykiss kamloops

Journal Article published Aug 1990 in Aquaculture volume 89 issue 1 on pages 1 to 8

Authors: Martin Flajšhans, Petr Ráb