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Chaos, Order, and Patterns

Book published 1991 in NATO ASI Series

Editors: Roberto Artuso, Predrag Cvitanović, Giulio Casati

Quantum Chaos — Quantum Measurement

Book published 1992

Editors: P. Cvitanović, I. Percival, A. Wirzba

Selected Problems in Physical Chemistry

Book published 2010

Authors: Predrag-Peter Ilich

Digital Processing and Reconstruction of Complex AC Signals

Book published 2009

Authors: Predrag Petrović, Milorad Stevanović

Architectural Scale Models in the Digital Age

Book published 2013

Authors: Milena Stavrić, Predrag Šiđanin, Bojan Tepavčević

Information Theory and Coding - Solved Problems

Book published 2017

Authors: Predrag Ivaniš, Dušan Drajić

Three-Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier With Low Harmonics

Book published 2007

Authors: Predrag Pejovic

Peptide Modifications to Increase Metabolic Stability and Activity

Book published 2013 in Methods in Molecular Biology

Editors: Predrag Cudic

Wege und Irrwege des Krisenmanagements

Book published 31 Jan 2014

Editors: Walter Feichtinger, Hermann Mückler, Gerald Hainzl, Predrag Jurekovic

Global Challenges, Local Responses in Higher Education

Book published 2014

Editors: Jelena Branković, Manja Klemenčić, Predrag Lažetić, Pavel Zgaga