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Conference Paper published Sep 2003 in Correlations and Fluctuations in QCD


What do students ask themselves during lectures?

Conference Paper published Sep 2012 in 2012 15th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL)

Authors: Juraj Petrovic, Ana Sovic, Mihita Cvitanovic, Predrag Pale, Damir Sersic

Cycle expansion for power spectrum

Conference Paper published 18 Nov 1993 in Chaos in Communications

Authors: P. Cvitanovic, Arkady Pikovsky

Editors: Louis M. Pecora

Implementation of RF signal generator for demodulator/receiver testing in SDR design

Conference Paper published Nov 2011 in 2011 19thTelecommunications Forum (TELFOR) Proceedings of Papers

Authors: Predrag Jovanovic, Predrag Petrovic, Branislav Pavic, Ninoslav Remenski

Underwater noise monitoring experiences in Croatia

Conference Paper published 2016

Authors: Predrag Vukadin

Methodology for Periodic Compliance Control of Composite Reservoirs Installation in Motor Vehicles

Conference Paper published 2016 in Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference - Sinteza 2016

Authors: Dragan Nikolić, Predrag Popović, Zoran Masoničić, Siniša Dragutinović, Predrag Bralović, Branko Spajić

Methodology for used cryptographic key verification in multi Gbit/s encryption systems

Conference Paper published Nov 2016 in 2016 24th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR)

Authors: Dino-Solar Nikolic, Marija Trifunovic, Predrag Milicevic, Predrag Milosav, Miroslav Peric

Hidden crossings theory beyond single electron systems

Conference Paper published 2000 in AIP Conference Proceedings

Authors: Predrag Krstić

Particle Flow Performance And Detector Optimization

Conference Paper published 2006 in AIP Conference Proceedings

Authors: Predrag Krstonosic

Knowing when to stop: How noise frees us from determinism

Conference Paper published 2012

Authors: Predrag Cvitanović, Domenico Lippolis