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The Clinical Features and Prognosis of Gastric Remnant Carcinoma after Treatment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 October 2011 in ISRN Gastroenterology

Authors: Ken-Sheng Cheng | Hui-Ling Tang | Jen-Wei Chou | Cheng-Ju Yu | Shi-Seng Tsou | Fu-Tsan Chou

Clonal Hypereosinophilic Syndrome: Two Cases Report in Black Men from Sub-Saharan Africa and Literature Reviews

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 March 2011 in ISRN Hematology

Authors: Kodjovi Messie | Ahoefa Vovor | Irenee Messanh Kueviakoe | Levi kankoe Sallah | Kossi Agbetiafa | Akuete Yvon Segbena

Graph Polynomials

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 August 2011 in ISRN Algebra

Authors: Mehdi Alaeiyan | Saeid Mohammadian

On Twisted Tensor Product Group Embeddings and the Spin Representation of Symplectic Groups: The Case q Odd

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 June 2011 in ISRN Geometry

Authors: Antonio Cossidente

Extranodal MALT Lymphoma of the Right Triceps Muscle following Influenza Vaccine Injection: A Rare Case with an Interesting Presentation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 June 2011 in ISRN Hematology

Authors: S. M. Edwards-Bennett | D. Straus | E. A. Athanasian | J. Yahalom

Patient-Perceived Quality of Life after Total Hip Arthroplasty: Elective versus Traumatological Surgery

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 July 2011 in ISRN Orthopedics

Authors: Alessandro Aprato | Alessandro Massè | Francesco Caranzano | Renato Matteotti | Patrick Pautasso | Walter Daghino | Michael Kain | Giorgio Governale

-Gorenstein Projective Modules

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2011 in ISRN Algebra

Authors: Mohammed Tamekkante

Criteria for Strongly Starlike Functions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 July 2011 in ISRN Geometry

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (10871094,08KJB110001)

Authors: Neng Xu

Study on the Thermal Treatment of Nano-Ag/TiO2 Thin Film

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 June 2011 in ISRN Nanotechnology

Authors: Peng Bing | Wang Jia | Chai Li-yuan | Wang Yun-yan | Mao Ai-li

Penicillamine Neurotoxicity: An Hypothesis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 July 2011 in ISRN Neurology

Authors: J. M. Walshe

Ion Channels in Glioblastoma

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 November 2011 in ISRN Neurology

Authors: Remco J. Molenaar

Solutions of Higher-Order Homogeneous Linear Matrix Differential Equations for Consistent and Non-Consistent Initial Conditions: Regular Case

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 June 2011 in ISRN Mathematical Analysis

Authors: Ioannis K. Dassios

A New Surgical Technique for Ingrown Toenail

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 May 2012 in ISRN Surgery

Authors: Seyed Reza Mousavi | Jaledin Khoshnevice

A Characterization of Uniform Matroids

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2011 in ISRN Algebra

Research funded by Al Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University (301216)

Authors: Brahim Chaourar

Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy: An Overview for the Practicing Surgeon

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 September 2013 in ISRN Surgery

Authors: Reshma Jagsi

Biliary Atresia: 50 Years after the First Kasai

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 December 2012 in ISRN Surgery

Authors: Barbara E. Wildhaber

Development of Ecosystem Research

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 July 2011 in ISRN Ecology

Authors: Raymond Louis Specht

LigaSure Haemorrhoidectomy versus Conventional Diathermy for IV-Degree Haemorrhoids: Is It the Treatment of Choice? A Randomized, Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 November 2011 in ISRN Gastroenterology

Authors: Maurizio Gentile | Michele De Rosa | Gabriele Carbone | Vincenzo Pilone | Francesca Mosella | Pietro Forestieri

Psychosocial Health Status of Persons Seeking Treatment for Exposure to Libby Amphibole Asbestos

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 May 2011 in ISRN Nursing

Research funded by Health Resources and Services Administration (R04RH07544)

Authors: Clarann Weinert | Wade G. Hill | Charlene A. Winters | Sandra W. Kuntz | Kimberly Rowse | Tanis Hernandez | Brad Black | Shirley Cudney

Cheilitis Glandularis: Two Case Reports of Asian-Japanese Men and Literature Review of Japanese Cases

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 December 2011 in ISRN Dentistry

Authors: Toru Yanagawa | Akira Yamaguchi | Hiroyuki Harada | Kenji Yamagata | Naomi Ishibashi | Masayuki Noguchi | Kojiro Onizawa | Hiroki Bukawa