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Pilot Study of 15 Patients Receiving a New Treatment Regimen for Androgenic Alopecia: The Effects of Atopy on AGA

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 May 2011 in ISRN Dermatology

Authors: A. W. Rafi | R. M. Katz

The Fox and the Rabbits—Environmental Variables and Population Genetics (1) Replication Problems in Association Studies and the Untapped Power of GWAS (2) Vitamin A Deficiency, Herpes Simplex Reactivation and Other Causes of Alzheimer's Disease

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 July 2011 in ISRN Neurology

Authors: C. J. Carter

Robotic Colorectal Surgery: A Systematic Review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 May 2012 in ISRN Surgery

Authors: Sami AlAsari | Byung Soh Min

Quercetin Treatment Ameliorates Systemic Oxidative Stress in Cirrhotic Rats

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 August 2011 in ISRN Gastroenterology

Authors: Emanuelle Kerber Vieira | Silvia Bona | Fábio Cangeri Di Naso | Marilene Porawski | Juliana Tieppo | Norma Possa Marroni

CO2 Laser Surgery and Prosthetic Management for the Treatment of Epulis Fissuratum

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 November 2011 in ISRN Dentistry

Authors: Tarcisio José de Arruda Paes-Junior | Sâmia Carolina Mota Cavalcanti | Daniela Fernandes Figueira Nascimento | Guilherme de Siqueira Ferreira Anzaloni Saavedra | Estevão Tomomitsu Kimpara | Alexandre Luiz Souto Borges | Walter Niccoli-Filho | Paula Carolina de Paiva Komori

The Role of Albumin in Human Toxicology of Cobalt: Contribution from a Clinical Case

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 October 2011 in ISRN Hematology

Authors: Simona Catalani | Roberto Leone | Maria Cristina Rizzetti | Alessandro Padovani | Pietro Apostoli

Antibiotic-Loaded Cement in Orthopedic Surgery: A Review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 August 2011 in ISRN Orthopedics

Authors: Alessandro Bistolfi | Giuseppe Massazza | Enrica Verné | Alessandro Massè | Davide Deledda | Sara Ferraris | Marta Miola | Fabrizio Galetto | Maurizio Crova

Changing Patterns in the Clinical Pathological Features of Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Report from Debrecen, Hungary

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2011 in ISRN Hematology

Authors: Zsófia Miltényi | Zsófia Simon | Edit Páyer | László Váróczy | Lajos Gergely | Ádám Jóna | Árpád Illés

Clinical Significance of Auditive Involvement in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Case-Control Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 March 2011 in ISRN Rheumatology

Authors: Laura Alonso | Ileana Gutierrez-Farfan | Angelica Peña-Ayala | Maria-Esther Perez-Bastidas | Rolando Espinosa

Ultrasonographic Classification of Achilles Tendon Ruptures as a Rationale for Individual Treatment Selection

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 October 2011 in ISRN Orthopedics

Authors: Michael H. Amlang | Hans Zwipp | Adina Friedrich | Adam Peaden | Alfred Bunk | Stefan Rammelt

Retracted: Phyllodes Tumor of Breast: A Review Article

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 July 2013 in ISRN Surgery

Changes in the Upper and Lower Pharyngeal Airway Spaces Associated with Rapid Maxillary Expansion

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 June 2012 in ISRN Dentistry

Authors: Fitin Aloufi | Charles B. Preston | Khalid H. Zawawi

Decrease in TSH Receptor Autoantibodies during Antithyroid Treatment: Relationship with a Long Noncoding Heg RNA and Cdk1 mRNA in Mononuclear Cells

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 July 2011 in ISRN Endocrinology

Authors: Niels Juel Christensen | Gurli Habekost | Palle Bratholm

The Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Cimetidine, Ranitidine, Famotidine, and Omeprazole in Treatment of Children with Dyspepsia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 April 2011 in ISRN Pediatrics

Authors: Seyed Mohsen Dehghani | Mohammad Hadi Imanieh | Roya Oboodi | Mahmood Haghighat

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: A Review of Case Reports, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Future Directions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 April 2012 in ISRN Gastroenterology

Authors: Christopher B. Tan | Wanqing Zhi | Ghulamullah Shahzad | Paul Mustacchia

The Use of Postoperative Restraints in Children after Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate Repair: A Preliminary Report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 January 2013 in ISRN Plastic Surgery

Authors: Jennifer Huth | J. Dayne Petersen | James A. Lehman

Hemodynamic Changes during Hepatic Vascular Exclusion: Use of Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography a Case Series

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 September 2011 in ISRN Anesthesiology

Authors: Franco Marinangeli | Alessandra Ciccozzi | Chiara Angeletti | Cristiana Guetti | Tommaso Aloisio | Antonella Paladini | Giustino Varrassi

Two Case Reports of Biliary Tract Injuries during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 February 2011 in ISRN Gastroenterology

Authors: O. Romano | C. Romano | D. Cerbone | P. Sperlongano | L. Caserta | N. Frega | G. Cimmino | A. D'Agostino | R. Addeo

Head and Neck Melanoma

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 March 2012 in ISRN Surgery

Authors: R. Shashanka | B. R. Smitha

Role and Efficacy of Intraoperative Evaluation of Resection Adequacy in Conservative Breast Surgery

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 April 2011 in ISRN Oncology

Authors: G. Canavese | G. Ciccarelli | L. Garretti | A. Ponti | R. Bussone | R. Giani | A. Ala | E. Berardengo