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Hyperthermic intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) with primary or secondary cytoreductive surgery in the treatment of advanced epithelial ovarian cancer

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2017 in Minerva Obstetrics and Gynecology

Authors: Israel Manzanedo | Fernando Pereira | Estíbalitz Pérez-Viejo | Ángel Serrano | Miguel Hernández-García | Beatriz Martínez-Torres | Cristina Rihuete-Caro | Julia Calzas | Margarita Cueto

Reconstruction of congenital isolated absent columella: a case report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2018 in Minerva Dental and Oral Science

Authors: D. Bertossi | A. D'''''Agostino | E. Gherlone | M. T. Sberna | P. Procacci | M. Albanese | D. De Santis | A. Lucchese | P. F. Nocini

Oral tuberculosis: a tongue case report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2018 in Minerva Dental and Oral Science

Authors: G. Battista | L. Lo Russo | A. Padovano Di Leva | C. Rubini | M. T. Sberna | R. Bollero | D. De Santis | A. D'''''Agostino | D. Bertossi | L. Lo Muzio

An Orthodontic Index assessment and its relationship with total treatment time in surgery first orthognathic approach: an observational study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2022 in Minerva Dental and Oral Science

Authors: Sandro PELO | Gianmarco SAPONARO | Giulio GASPARINI | Mattia TODARO | Camillo AZZUNI | Piero DONEDDU | Alessandro MORO

A new multiple anti-infective non-surgical therapy in the treatment of peri-implantitis: a case series

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2017 in Minerva Dental and Oral Science

Authors: Magda Mensi | Eleonora Scotti | Stefano Calza | Andrea Pilloni | Maria G. Grusovin | Claudio Mongardini

Extranodal B-cell marginal zone lymphoma arising in the context of a lympho-epithelial cyst of the parotid gland in a patient with clonal B-cell lymphocytosis: report of the first case

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2020 in Minerva Dental and Oral Science

Authors: Giorgio TONI | Immacolata COZZOLINO | Giuseppe COLELLA | Virginia TIRINO | Pierluigi MARIANI | Luigi LAINO | Andrea RONCHI | Renato FRANCO

The best treatment approach for lower calyceal stones ≤20 mm in maximal diameter: mini percutaneous nephrolithotripsy, retrograde intrarenal surgery or shock wave lithotripsy. A systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature conducted by the European Section of Uro-Technology and Young Academic Urologists

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2022 in Minerva Urology and Nephrology

Authors: Panagiotis KALLIDONIS | Constantinos ADAMOU | Pantelis NTASIOTIS | Amelia PIETROPAOLO | Bhaskar SOMANI | Mehmet ÖZSOY | Despoina LIOURDI | Kemal SARICA | Evangelos LIATSIKOS | Thomas TAILLY

Comment on: "Techniques and outcomes of robot-assisted partial nephrectomy for the treatment of multiple ipsilateral renal masses"

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2023 in Minerva Urology and Nephrology

Authors: Filippo TURRI | Federico PIRAMIDE | Paolo DELL’OGLIO | Ruben de GROOTE | Edward LAMBERT | Fabrizio di MAIDA | Sophie KNIPPER | Christoph WUERNSCHIMMEL | Iulia ANDRAS | Nikolaos LIAKOS | Alessandro LARCHER | Bernardo ROCCO | Chiara SIGHINOLFI | on behalf of the Junior ERUS/YAU Working Group on Robot-assisted Surgery of the European Association of Urology